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Next Theocracy Album

Discussion in 'Theocracy' started by Under The Oak, Sep 26, 2004.

  1. Under The Oak

    Under The Oak Ens Causa Sui

    Jul 9, 2003
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    Austin, TX
    Hey, guys. I know its kinda early to be discussing the next Theocracy album, but I had an idea that I wonder if you'll consider: how album releasing a bonus CD with the next album that contains all of the first album with re-recorded drumming? Even a few bonus tracks with re-done drumming would be cool too. I just love that self-titled album, but I think it would be unbeatable with real drums on it.
  2. Matt Smith

    Matt Smith THEOCRACY

    Jun 11, 2004
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    Athens, GA
    I doubt it. We're looking forward to concentrating on a new album. I mean maybe we'll do a song or two or something, who knows, but we prefer to keep moving forward. I mean, part of me would love to do that as well as completely remix the album, as I've learned SO MUCH since I did it and I could undoubtedly make it sound a lot better now. But then where does it stop, you know? There are parts I wish I'd re-sung as well, etc. It's like Lucas trying to go back and redo a lot of the special effects, etc. in Star Wars...on the one hand I can relate to his wanting everything to be up-to-date and perfect, but sometimes you have to just let things go.

    Anyway, maybe we'll do this one day, but if we did, it would probably be later on, like 10 years down the line or something. When we can afford to have Andy Sneap mix it for us, you know. ;) Kinda like Edguy did with the re-recording/re-release of "The Savage Poetry," several years after the original.

    But for now, we have more than enough work ahead of us on new material...


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