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Obituary, Celtic Frost, Dragonforce Giveaway Tickets

Discussion in 'Transcending Mortality' started by Robotman, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Robotman

    Robotman Gun Kata

    Aug 26, 2002
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    Melbourne, Australia
    Yes, this is a membership drive [​IMG]
    Prizes available in Melbourne only.

    Tuesday 17th April, 207 Screaming Symphony 2200-0000 with Gary Carson and Peter Fundeis
    (PBS FM’s Spotlight Special)
    Screaming Symphony: A Heavy Metal Journey
    Anthropologist Sam Dunn and film maker Scott McFadyen’s documentary film Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey showcased, intelligently, the diversity and cultural power of heavy metal from death, extreme and black metal to hard rock and traditional heavy metal.

    With nary an anthropologist in sight, this week’s spotlight on PBS series delves deeper into the progressive and power metal genres offered up regularly on Screaming Symphony. We take a look at the origins and development of styles from the moving, rich neo-classical metal to the epic Hollywood-esque symphonic metal and from traditional heavy metal to the maniacal technicality of progressive metal.

    This programme has been designated as a spotlight show. During the programme, Gary and Peter will be asking listeners to join or renew as members of PBS, or make a donation to enable PBS to continue its long tradition of bringing excellent and under-represented music to the community.

    Join us on Tuesday 17th of April from 10pm. Only on 106.7 PBS-FM.

    Major Prizes Include
    • 1 * Double Pass to see Dragonforce
    • 4 * Double Pass to see Obituary
    • 2 * Double Pass to see Celtic Frost
    • 2 * Double Pass to see Ikon
    • Mob Rules DVD/CD
    • CDs courtesy of Roadrunner Records and Riot Distribution
    Half Hourly Prize Draw
    • CD Prize Packs

    This ALL helps to keep the fine station that is PBS-FM ( on-air and to help show PBS that we're a show worth keeping.

    All membership information is available from:
  2. Nebulous

    Nebulous Daniel

    Dec 14, 2003
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    Brookfield, VIC, Australia
    It seems I'm a PBS weeener :p

    (if not for anyother reason than making that statement haha)

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