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Odin's Court New Drummer: Jeff Sauber!

Discussion in 'Odin's Court' started by OdinsCourt, Jul 28, 2013.

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    ODIN’S COURT regrets to announce the departure of drummer John Abella. Band founder Matt Brookins commented, “As we grow older, people’s priorities change. I accept that this is how the world works, and while the bond of friendship and music we created together will always have a special place in our lives, John’s path has led him in a new direction, and he feels he cannot give ODIN’S COURT the attention he believes is needed. What a jerk…oh, is this thing still on? Love you, John!” John Abella was a founding member of the band, and performed on every release ODIN’S COURT has done since 2002. John summed things up nicely, “I enjoyed my time with the band, and [the] guys will always be my brothers.”

    ODIN’S COURT has gone through lineup changes in the past, and is soldiering on in this case as well. With that written, the band is proud to announce Jeff Sauber on drums and percussion! Matt stated, “Jeff is an incredibly talented musician. He immediately impressed everyone as a quick study and accurate, confident player. He is an outstanding addition, and we are very excited to hear his playing in our music.” Sauber’s playing can be observed in a video on YouTube where he rehearses “Silent Revolution” from HUMAN LIFE IN MOTION (ProgRock Records, 2011).

    Stay tuned for more news in the coming days!

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