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Odin's Court New Vocalist: Dimetrius LaFavors!

Discussion in 'Odin's Court' started by OdinsCourt, Jul 28, 2013.

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    ODIN’S COURT is happy to announce a new member on vocals: Dimetrius LaFavors! Band founder Matt Brookins commented, “We experimented in the past with adding an additional vocalist. That didn’t work out, but with Dimetrius, things automatically came together. He brings the powerful voice of a seasoned performer, a great attitude, and a well-rounded, calm demeanor. Our voices blend great on harmonies, and the call and response between us works well, too. Dimetrius has a more ‘traditional’ voice for hard rock and metal, so it will allow us to go in directions where I just couldn’t take us vocally before. While I’ll still sing the occasional lead lines and plenty of harmonies, the plan is for Dimetrius to do the lion’s share of the lead vocals.”

    Brookins has written a lot of new material that is currently being recorded. The next full release is planned to be finished in early 2014 for a release later that year. Brookins stated, “I am super excited about the new album. I think it is our strongest yet. However, with the addition of Dimetrius, I just couldn’t wait another year to get something out. So we picked one new song and recorded it for release in 2013. While we were at it, we went ahead and did some remix and remasters of select older songs and had Dimetrius add his vocals in there as well. The result is a strong album that should hopefully capture people’s interest to get them excited for the next full album to come.”

    THE WARMTH OF MEDIOCRITY will be released in 2013 on ProgRock Records. The title track is a brand new song, while 11 additional songs make the album an anthology, as pieces from each of the bands full albums are included. Songs from the band’s début self-released album DRIVEN BY FATE (D2C Studios, 2003) are also included, which is a first for a ProgRock Records release. The full track listing for the album will be released in the coming days; stay tuned!

    LaFavors’ pipes can be observed in a video on YouTube where he was captured recording vocals for “Manifest Destiny” from DEATHANITY (ProgRock Records, 2008).

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