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orld Premiere Of Lyric Video For New A Sound Of Thunder Track "Elijah"

Discussion in 'A Sound of Thunder' started by DuchessOfDork, Aug 25, 2014.

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    From Metal Underground:

    D.C. area metal band A Sound of Thunder has dropped a bombshell of a track for an exclusive premiere right here on Metal The song appears on the upcoming new release "The Lesser Key of Solomon," which will be available on September 9th via Mad Neptune Records.

    After a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign for the release of the band's previous effort "Time's Arrow" - the band followed that up with an even bigger crowd-funding success for "The Lesser Key of Solomon," so much so that the band funded the new album, a covers EP and the first tour for the West Coast this November.

    "The Lesser Key of Solomon" represents the strongest material for A Sound of Thunder, which sees the band grow in both song writing and progression. Check out our review for the album at this location. One of the finest tracks is "Elijah," a 9 minute 30 second opus that features a new side to versatile vocalist Nina Osegueda's voice as a nod to King Diamond.

    We asked Osegueda for her thoughts on the song: "Elijah is the kind of song I dreamed of creating since I first heard King Diamond. I wanted to tell an original story that was twisted and evil, and I wanted to be able to utilize a few different singing styles so it would be challenging. I wrote a short story about the characters to get inside their heads and map out their personalities and objectives. To me, it's more than a song, it's a whole world we're describing within just 10 minutes. I wanted to make sure that world was as colorful and bloody as possible."

    Guitarist Josh Schwartz also commented: "'Elijah' is definitely our most ambitious song to date, both musically and lyrically. It's almost a mini-opera. [Vocalist Nina Osegueda] worked incredibly hard on the vocal harmonies on this, not just stacking up three part harmonies, but doubling each part and matching every little nuance from her lead vocal track in her harmony tracks. The result is a massive, lush chorus with a very cinematic feel. The song is going to be challenging for some listeners. There are a lot of tempo changes, unusual harmonies, and a big key change right in the middle of the chorus, but I think our fans will get it."

    Schwartz added, "I think we are wearing our influences on our sleeve with this song, touching on Alice Cooper, Blue Öyster Cult, King Diamond, and Dio, but also blending them together in a way that's uniquely A Sound of Thunder. It definitely is part of the heritage of horror concepts in rock, following in the footsteps of Alice Cooper's 'Steven' or anything by King Diamond. We want to let each listener interpret the story in his or her own way, but I will give one hint: at the end of the bridge the protagonist stabs her mother, setting off a chase through the burning mansion as the guitar solo begins. The double-tracked guitar solo represents their chase and battle through the mansion, with each character's 'voice' panned to one side or the other."

    The full track listing for "The Lesser Key of Solomon" is:

    1. Nexus Of Realities
    2. Udoroth
    3. Fortune Teller
    4. The Boy Who Could Fly
    5. Elijah
    6. Master Of Pain
    7. Blood From The Mummy’s Tomb
    8. Black Secrets
    9. One Empty Grave
    10. House Of Bones

    And now, we are stoked to premiere for you - "Elijah":

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