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Primitive (The Netherlands) wants to bring you a blasting morning!

Discussion in 'New Metal Band Showcase' started by PrimitiveMetal, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. PrimitiveMetal

    PrimitiveMetal New Metal Member

    Apr 22, 2018
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    Hello there fellow metalmaniacs!!!

    We would like to self-promote our metalband Primitive. We had a couple up and downs the past 3 years (band members leaving, gaining new members, reconfiguring bandmember mindsets ) but with a mission to blast again, and to blast even harder, we double dare you to listen to the sound this band makes for you! We hope you all will enjoy it. Grab that coffee!

    A good and heavy-morning to all of you!

    Cerberus (Single)

    Raw Traces (Raw Demo)

    Primitive Bio
    From the ditches of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, at the ports of the feet of Hell(evoetsluis) Primitive is one of the last remnants from a decade of heavy metal bands thrashing the local area. After the closing down of all the venues they retreated in the bunkers of Hellevoetsluis working on new incantations bringing homage to all the silenced noises before them. Howls with high sustain and blood trembling speed metal rhythms will blast you away with the earth shattering grooves and energetic performance of this band.

    Starting out in 2007 they allready gave their crowds a brutal blast of metal. After seven years of gigging they finaly recorded their first single Nightmare. While aiming for a fulllength album their drummer decided to leave the band. But after a short period of time they gained a new drummer who blasted his way to Cerberus and Raw Traces just to the taste the band needed so much.

    'Now working on their new album and revisiting the old, soon your flesh will be moved.'

    'We play the stuff we like to play, we are heavy and melodical in one. Guess that is the taste Primitive brings to the gigs we play.'

    ‘Primitive will leave you feelin' punched in the face by metal!’

    Social Media:
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