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Raelians expose ‘Catholic fraud’ with scientific study

Discussion in 'Kayo Dot' started by inkybmistro, Oct 28, 2014.

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    Raelians expose ‘Catholic fraud’ with scientific study, demonstrate that hosts are only simple bread

    LAS VEGAS, Oct. 28 – DNA analysis of consecrated, sacramental bread conducted by two Raelian scientists refutes the Catholic claim of transubstantiation, according to a publication of the Association of Raelian Scientists.
    “An important doctrine of Catholicism affirms that the wheat wafer known as the host or sacramental bread, which is used in the sacrament of Eucharist or Holy Communion, actually becomes the body of Jesus Christ in a process called transubstantiation,” said Brigitte Boisselier, PhD, spokesperson of the Raelian Movement. “But DNA analysis performed on five different hosts collected after the Catholic ritual of consecration showed no DNA change whatsoever in them. The wheat DNA remained wheat DNA, with no human DNA present other than that resulting from contamination caused by human handling of the hosts. This study clearly falsifies the claim that a religious ritual performed by a priest can actually change the substance of a bread wafer into the substance of a human body.”
    Mehran Sam, PhD, Raelian Guide and lead author of the study, added:
    “These results are important because of the Catholic doctrine's insistence on the transformation of bread into Christ’s body not being merely symbolic but a physical reality. That fantastic claim is easy to test. The main reason for this study was to answer requests by former Catholics recovering from dogmatic indoctrination in the hope that it would help others to avoid supernatural claims and religious dogmas.”
    One tenet of the Raelian philosophy is to eliminate myths and superstitions.
    “Nobody can contest a simple DNA test like that conducted by our scientists,” Boisselier said. “Supernatural statements of long-established organizations like the Catholic Church can be exposed for what they are, a poor sham from the Middle Ages that has no place in this new century. All scientists should educate the public.”
    She said Raelians and former Catholics “who were abused by supernatural claims” are joining forces to launch a class action suit.
    “We will expose the fraudulent statement made by thousands of priests every Sunday that they carry Christ’s body for their followers to swallow,” Boisselier said. “Millions of children in Catholic families are being told that the local priest can transmute matter like a sorcerer. Yet no one cares. That’s unacceptable; we must make it a priority to save children’s minds from exposure to such disturbing claims!”


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