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[RECOMMEND] Groove oriented repetitive DM

Discussion in 'Band Recommendations Forum' started by Immutable Trepidation, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. Immutable Trepidation

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    Jul 15, 2018
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    hey everyone ive listened to a lot of old school death metal and being extremely picky it takes me forever to find the kind of death metal im looking for. ive searched several forums and most of the recommendations ive been seeing still dont fit what im looking for. im looking for songs with repetetive groove oriented riffs. mid tempo to sorta fast. the best way i can describe what im looking for is like slower versions of sepulturas inner self, slave new world,stuff that has a lot of constant downpicking. (i hate blast beats). i dont like super high or super low guttural vocals. no slam please. best bands that fit this description are protector, bolt thrower, obituary, and jungle rot. ill list some songs with riffs im into for reference

    Six feet under - death or glory
    Protector - tantalus, face fear
    Humiliation - Preposition of violence
    Obituary - redneck stomp, insane, by the light
    Morta skuld - dying remains
    Broken hope - swamped in gore
    Resurrection- disembodied
    Death Angel - Voracious souls
    Sarcastic terror - putrescence
    Jungle rot - humans shall pay, strangulation mutilation, demogorgon
    Baphomet - no answers
    War master - mass creation
    solstice - transmogrified
    slaughter - parasites

    Armoured angel - hymn of hate (FUCK YEA MORE SONGS LIKE THIS)

    (non death metal but have those same kind of riffs)
    Grim reaper - all hell let loose
    Vio-lence - kill on command (2:45 riff)
    Metal church - beyond the black (1:25 riff)
    Candlemass - dark reflections
    Exodus - blacklist
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