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Rock and Metal in the P.R. of China

Discussion in 'Librarius Metallicus' started by Azchael, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. Azchael

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    Jun 14, 2005
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    Hello Everyone,

    former "Metal In China" Columne of Painkiller Web has moved to its own Domain: This is an english Website not only for Metal music now but also for Chinese Rock Music in General. The Metal Section is under the subdomain: We also opened an own Forum: Feel free to visit us and help us doing our work better.

    Bands: Please post your Band infos etc. on the forum or send us per Email to:
    Bars: Please post your concert dates in the "Scene alive" Section on our forum or send us per Email.
    Friends and Music Fans: If you want to talk about music and culture in English, you are always welcome.

    take care,

    Azchael and Yang




    酒吧:请您们把近期的演出计划公布在论坛中的┬ôScene Alive┬ö板块里或给我们发送Email。


    Azcheal, Yang

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