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Discussion in 'Eden's Fall - Reviews' started by Eden's Fall, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. Eden's Fall

    Eden's Fall
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    Dec 9, 2005
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    Eden's Fall - Harmony of Lies Review

    by Dan Upton

    Eden's Fall waste no time on Harmony of Lies before making two things obvious: they worship heavily at the altar of Nevermore, and they're here to crush you into submission. The opening track, "Blur the Lines," storms in showing off the guitarist's technique with a speedy harmonized run over heavy double bass, then transitions to riffing while letting each guitarist take a shorter solo on his own. Then vocalist John Barr comes in, and I have to go put on a Nevermore disc for a second to make he's not completely ripping their style. John's vocals are mostly like those of Nevermore's grittier moments, somewhere between sung and shouted, and never really hitting a cleaner operatic stride. Not that there's anything wrong with that; it just has the potential of making all of the vocals run together too much since there isn't very much differentiation.

    I really hate to harp on the Nevermore comparison, but every time I've listened to Harmony of Lies, that's what's jumped out at me. There are plenty of great riffs and harmonized lines on here on songs like "Lost Again" and Chemical Dreams," a few acoustic passages here and there, and a fairly relentless kick drum. "Dead Thought Matrix" is another standout track, with stuttering verse riff and a headbanging, fist-pumping chorus. This isn't by any means a bad disc, solid heavy progressive metal--but neither is it by any means particularly original. Still a good listen, and probably worth any metal fan's time.

    CD Info and Links

    Eden's Fall - Harmony of Lies


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