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SALE - bass/case, cds, vinyl, books, more to follow..

Discussion in 'Trade / For Sale' started by PaulRawNerve, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. PaulRawNerve

    PaulRawNerve QUIM!

    Feb 20, 2002
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    Leeds, centre of the universe

    okay, bit of a clear out going on to begin saving for bigger things... this list will get expanded on over time if people are interested... quite a few things here all in one list though...
    best if you can drop me an email to rather than messaging on here being honest..
    by the way, the prices are just rough guidelines, if people wanna make offers for things/multiple purchases, that's fine with me.
    and also, i accept paypal, prices include the bit of a charge on there (except in the circumstance of the bass/cass/pedal/nirvana album), also take cheque, and also for those in or around leeds, i can meet up in the town centre/nearby/hyde park/etc...
    thanks to everyone who gets to the end of this list, there'll be more added and updated over the coming days, more books, some more records and 'job lot' type things, some tshirts, whatever else i can find...
    keep checking back :)


    bass guitar and hard carry case for sale...

    An Aria Pro 2 Four String bass, it's got loads of cool metal/hc/grind/random stickers on it (which i can attempt to take off if so desired, but would be a shame if so), and a proper mint hard Gator carry case for it are for sale from moi...
    Offers, hoping for around £100.. get in touch...

    I'll post up proper pics when I got time, but for those who've seen me in Narcosis in the past, I played it in them, and I also played it in Tangaroa for a time as well before getting the 5 string.

    in fact, for now, found an old picture of me playing it, so you get the idea.. tis a well nice and fast bass!



    footswitch for sale...

    ampeg afp3b footswitch..
    looks like this (obviously a bit bigger) (says 'Channel', 'Combine' and 'Octave' under the switches instead of 1, 2, 3.

    retails around £60 inc. postage
    example -
    £35 inc. postage, comes with dual lead.


    a few bits of vinyl for sale

    price includes postage in the UK.

    nirvana - bleach - pink marbled vinyl original on subpop - £30
    systral / acheborn split 7" - £3.50
    spread the disease - this blood ridden tragedy - £3.50
    carol - prefabricated - £3.50
    stalingrad - the politics of ecstacy ep - picture disc - £6
    morning again - my statement of life in a dying world complete with mint booklet - £3.50
    drop dead - ep (with only a fool, cost of an animal etc. 15 tracks - white vinyl - rare!) - £10
    wojczech - mother ep (amazing picture disc vinyl) - £4
    family of dog / liar split - rare as fuck from covermount split - £5
    disembodied - the confession - £3.50


    cds for sale

    okay, this list will expand over the next few days.. but here's some to start with..
    prices include P&P in the UK... all boxes, some in them gatefold things..

    SOLD - monstrosity - in dark purity - £4 (gatefold)
    pungent stench - masters of mortal - £4 (gatefold)
    opera ix - maleventum - £3.50
    lux occulta - dionysos - £3.50
    gorelord - norwegian chainsaw massacre - £5
    ghoulunatics - king of the undead (similar to necrophagia) - £3
    hondo maclean - chasing angels ep - £3.50
    december wolves - completely dehumanized - £3.50 (black metal crossed with berzerker style riffage)
    deeds of flesh - crown of souls - £4
    drowningman - still loves you - £4
    divine empire - redemption - £3.50 (members of and similar to malevolent creation)
    despondency - keep murder brutal - £3
    the blood brothers - burn piano island burn - £4
    nine inch nails - and all that could have been - in a nice box thing, offers.
    fear factory - demanufacture - £3.50
    faith no more - last cup of sorrow single - £2
    breaking days - if looks could kill ep - £2
    tangaroa - ever fucked a black metal whore - last ever copy available for sale from me, there are no more in this house - offers
    antigama - discomfort - £3.50 (amazing grind)
    1 SOLD - NONE LEFT AT THE MOMENT - cerebral constriction - how my mind played its tricks on me today - £3 (noise)
    ultralord - we hate you and hope you die - £3 (sludge)
    tomorrow's victims, perverse, moulded flesh - 3 way split of death/grind - £3
    churn - twelve steps to endsville - £4
    SOLD - cave in - jupiter - £5
    1 SOLD - NONE LEFT AT THE MOMENT - incandescence - the loneliest moments of my entire life - £3 (ambient - 60 minutes)
    3 COPIES LEFT - 1 SOLD - incandescence - chapter one - £3 (electro/ambient - nearly an hour)
    1 COPY LEFT - 1 SOLD - incandescence - chapter two - £3 (electro/ambient - nearly an hour)
    1 COPY LEFT - 1 SOLD - incandescence - the floating spirits of the desert - £3 (dark ambient - 70 minutes)
    remembering never - she looks so good in red - £4
    rebaelliun - burn the promised land - £4 (awesome death thrash)
    mendeed - 2003 demo EP - £4
    SOLD - hypocrisy - penetralia - £4
    hondo maclean - plans for a better day - £3.50

    also, am wanting to sell of a load of old promos and slipcase things, there's a mixed box full, some stuff that is probably quite collectable as bands get bigger and all that.. i've got one box which is full, with probably around 200 cds, anyone want to make us an offer for it? as a sort of lucky dip thing.. be a good thing to look through and find some hidden gems methinks.
    maybe say something like £20-25 if you can come and collect or meet in leeds town centre, or will work something out if it needs to posted...


    anyone interested in some snoopy and garfield books as well? got quite a few if anyone is collecting...


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