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Discussion in 'Nightmare Records' started by MEGALOUD, Dec 13, 2008.


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    The Nightmare Has Begun..

    Nov 9, 2005
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    Minneapolis/St. Paul,MN (The Twin Cities)
    And may I say, I had a very good time getting out and watching for a change, been a long time since I watched a show, I mean really watched a show, not playing or selling.

    First up was POWERGLOVE and while I thought their name was...well lame, I really enjoyed the band a lot, they're "Instrumental Video Game Metal" much like Dragonforce are, however, I would say they have a lot more variety and melody in what their doing, it's not all 150 beats per minute.

    Next up TURISAS....( the reason I was excited to see this show), I had caught a glimpse of these guys at Paganfest (Chicago Powerfest associated version) and thought they were very interesting. Both Mary and I were blown away by this bands presence, delivery and great epic anthems of Viking Battle Metal, simply put this is a MUST SEE band for any metal fan! Bought their CD after the show will play a cut on my radio show tomorrow, but even though the production is great on the album and it's true, pure and original sounding, their SHOW is the thing that sets these guys apart from the heard! They are authentic, even with the warpaint
    and the crazy viking outfits taking their show to 11, this band can ware this stuff and it's in their hearts, their the real deal!

    The violinist in this band is amazing as is their female accordian player, this I know sounds a bit out of sorts for traditional metal fans, but I assure you, they deliver in proud metal glorious form, the front man has a strong warrior voice and amazing presence and command of the audience!

    Dragonforce, was technically dazzling but the
    speed shred video game metal at warp factor 9 tends to all sound the same and bore me after the awe of their energy and playing is past, they seem to be having fun, and goofing off and that rubs off on the audience and me and is worth the price of admission to be sure, but I felt they were even bored with the tunes after watching them more closely, still a band worth seeing at least once to say you've seen the fastest band in the land.

    Guess this was their last US show on this leg of the tour, so those who snoozed....lost, but those of you reading this from Canada, the tour is coming, don't miss it!


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