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SELLING REMAINING VINYL, some obscure titles.

Discussion in 'Metal Vinyl (LP)' started by suotamosa, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. suotamosa

    suotamosa New Metal Member

    Oct 8, 2017
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    I've sold most of the best stuff but still have some really excellent, less known albums for sale. Most of these records are unplayed as I have been away in Scandinavia for some years but kept collecting, now I'm forced to sell to fund a van purchase and mobile recording set-up.

    on the metal side what's left includes:

    Portal (the hideous Australian band, not the Cynic guys), The Great Old Ones, Faxed Head (best special-needs metal band on earth!), Inter Arma, Geryon, Krallice, Ash Borer, Murw, !T.O.O.H.!, sunn o))), Burial Chamber Trio, Blind Idiot God (some great metal in there with the drummer of Khanate).

    As I need to get the rest of this sold soon I can do some good deals if anyone wants to buy a bunch at once, otherwise prices are fair and around what I paid for the vinyl new (the condition in which most of it remains).
    I don't know how my notifications work here but anone interested can contact me through the Discogs page quite easily. I have more feedback on eBay because Discogs buyers seem to not bother, but as you will see my feedback is flawless on all selling platforms.

    everything I have left is on Discogs at:

    most of it is also on eBay at:

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