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SERDCE "Timelessness" ala Cynic, Atheist, Coroner

Discussion in 'General Metal Discussion' started by BloodMusic, Apr 22, 2014.

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    Oct 18, 2011
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    PRE-ORDER: April 23rd at 5PM Finnish time (10AM NYC).
    RELEASE: June 17th.

    Blood Music will soon be releasing an incredible and surprising entry in the ultra-progressive death metal category, owing in no small part to "Focus"-era Cynic, early Pestilence, Atheist, and Coroner. Belarusian band SERDCE has spent five very careful years composing an incredible journey of progressive experimentation with "Timelessness" and will see their latest work published in a high quality CD pressing, ultra-limited deluxe edition vinyl and in digital format.

    SERDCE "Timelessness" 2xLP:



    * Ultra-limited edition of 200 Splatter Madness 2xLP.
    * Ultra-limited edition of 100 Black 2xLP.
    * Pressed onto 180-gram+ vinyl.
    * First time ever vinyl pressing from SERDCE.
    * Mastered specifically for vinyl from the 24-bit original mixes.
    * 350gsm heavyweight board triple-gatefold jacket with flood-inner printing.
    * Black inner sleeves.


    * Professionally glass-mastered CD in clear jewel case with 12-panel booklet.
    * Limited to 1000 copies worldwide.
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