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Slayer vintage shirts for sale

Discussion in 'Trade / For Sale' started by Kakodaimonos, May 18, 2018.

  1. Kakodaimonos

    Kakodaimonos New Metal Member

    May 16, 2018
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    Athens - Greece
    Hello Brothers and sisters,im trying to sell all the shirts i stop wear cause i have many and i must buy some new stuff.If you interesting in something,hit me up by Pm.Best Regards

    Check my store :

    Slayer - Slaytanic Wehrmacht Tshirt 1988 (XL)

    Slayer - Mtv Headbangers Ball New Years Eve Vintage Tshirt 1991 (XL)

    Slayer - European Campaign sweater 1990 (XL)

    Slayer - European Intourvention LS 1994 (XL)

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