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Some swedish guitars

Discussion in 'Practice Room' started by FloridaRolf, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. FloridaRolf

    FloridaRolf W.A.T.

    Sep 4, 2007
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    e: first of all, hi everyone. :D

    It would be nice to hear some feedback on my mix, especially on the guitars (made them a bit louder in the mix).
    It may clip a bit here and there because I tried to work with Gclip etc. to get some loudness (I also fcken suck at using compressors :D ).
    The riff is the beginning of Facebreaker's "Walking Dead" from their latest album.

    What I used:
    Drums are DFH2 and Addictive Drums
    Bass is my LTD FX 400 directly played into my soundcard (Creative X-Fi), pitch shifted an octave lower (don't worry, next week I get my bandmates bass) through an AMPEG ampsim
    LTD FX 400 with 2x 81 EMGs (my MH-1000 has a 60 (n) and 85 (b), which I like a bit more but it's currently not right tuned) into the legendary Boss HM-2 directly into my Soundcard.
    I have used Acmebargig's Knucklehead ampsim and Catharsis IR for the guitars that are panned 100% L & R and made them way louder than the JCM 900 Ampsim I panned 75% L & R (4 takes total -> quad tracked).
    Also used High & Lowpass and Karma Fx Reverb slightly.

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