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Soundfonts [MIDI Composers = Yes]

Discussion in 'Musicians Discussion' started by BlackMetalWhiteGuy, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. BlackMetalWhiteGuy

    BlackMetalWhiteGuy Manly Man!

    Apr 15, 2007
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    Cooperstown and Oswego, NY
    Does anyone else on this forum use soundfonts or know of any decent, free sites to download them from, or even pay sites with free samples?

    Here is a list of sites that I've used in the past:


    Out of these, sf2midi was certainly the best one before it turned into a piece of shit. I've also browsed various smaller sites and personal webpages, but haven't had much general success finding good soundfonts for metal.

    However, if anyone knows of a decent archive that isn't readily indexed by google, or if you have a link to a specific soundfont that you think is worth the download, please post the links here.

    Here are a few of my top picks. You may need the free sfpack, or sfArk extractors to extract some of these SF2 files. They are available on google.

    File sizes refer to compressed files.


    WST Steinway Grand Piano (7 MB)

    Requests welcome.


    Les Paul - Distortion Guitar (3.37 MB) - This is a package deal with four different patches: Palm Mutes, Sustain, Harmonics, and I forget what the other one is, because I never use it. Definitely the best distortion guitar soundfont I've ever heard, but it's definitely better for middle and lower octaves, so I use it as my rhythm instrument.

    Overdriven Guitar (2.19 MB) - Not as realistic as the Les Paul distortion soundfont, but sounds really good in the middle and higher octaves. Consequently, I use this for solos over the Les Paul and for most leads.

    If anyone has a good distortion lead, I would appreciate it :)

    Donnys Guitar - This is either a clean electric guitar, or an acoustic guitar, but probably the former. By comparison to general MIDI, it sounds more like a steel guitar than nylon, jazz, or clean.

    More coming soon. Requests welcome. - I also have a few other good acoustic / clean electric guitar soundfonts, but I haven't updated this webpage in over a year. I'll try to upload them soon, but this computer isn't soundfont compatible, AND I have dial up for the remainder of winter break, so it might be a while before I post them here.


    Roland Violin Solo (3.19 MB) - The most realistic violin I've found so far. Sometimes, I use this to immitate an er-hu. There are four patches.

    Two Pizzicato Strings - Both are usefull for different things.

    Pizzicato Strings (0.93 MB)

    Faithless Pizzicato (0.29 MB)

    More coming soon. Requests welcome. - I have some awesome timpani.

    Synth Leads:

    Steel Pad (1.38 MB) - Maybe not the most ear-friendly, but has a very distinctive timbre.

    Theremin (0.10 MB) - Three theremins.

    More coming soon. Requests welcome.

    Synth Pads:

    Requests welcome.

    Full GM (General MIDI) Banks:

    CT8MGM (4.70 MB)

    Also, here is my soundfont wish list, in case any of you are feeling generous :p

    - Distortion Guitar Lead
    - Drum Kit (better than CT8MGM bank defaults)
    - Operatic Female Voice
    - Operatic Male Voice
    - Better Overdrive Guitar
    - Jazz Guitar
    - Accordian
    - Oboe
    - Clarinet
    - English Horn
    - Bagpipe (non-shitty)
    - Banjo
    - Dulcimer
    - Koto
    - Shamisen
    - Sitar
  2. Notis Funn

    Notis Funn New Metal Member

    Apr 4, 2014
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    The only place I had to allow for downloading is my free Google site that allows attachments. There is no spam, no tricks, nothing to buy. I am setting up a sample site that is free to read or listen to, and it involves one-liner comedy, instrumental playing, and mostly I wanted to be a writer. I hope this doesn't seem tacky

    There you will find a couple of soundfonts I thought worth mentioning. The music player is what I did with the Les Paul on a keyboard (If the player gets ahead of itself just pull the slider back). If the downloads do not work let me know, but they should.

    My major question is are they allowed for commercial purposes? Can anyone get back to me on that. They were offered as free soundfonts when I found them.

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