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Discussion in 'Taunted' started by TAUNTED, Feb 5, 2011.



    Aug 19, 2009
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    San Jose, CA

    To everyone around the world, San Francisco Bay Area metal band TAUNTED is proud to announce that ELENA REPETTO (Bomb and Scary, Imagika, AC DZ, Mother Earth) will be taking over the bassist duties in TAUNTED. Elena was first contacted to help out with a show and possible recording of the next TAUNTED CD but after conversations and a couple rehearsals it was obvious that she was the one to join TAUNTED and help take this band into 2011. At one point in time Elena was a part of TAUNTED’s history and it’s nice to see everything come full circle and have such a professional and talented player come back into the band but more importantly its awesome to have such a great friend in the fold. All of us have known each other for years and that makes the combination of all of ussuch a powerful unit. So, everyone get ready for the next chapter of TAUNTED as it promises many more special moments on recordings and live performances. All of you can hear the new line up for the first time on March 19th at THE QUARTERNOTE in Sunnyvale, CA. where TAUNTED will be performing with SKINNER and 667 Neighbor of The Beast. Joey Genoni - Guitar, Jacques Serrano – Voice, Matt Gower – Guitar, Henry Moreno – Drums and Elena Repetto – Bass. GET READY! TAUNTED 2011 is here!!!

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