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The Forgotten Gallegos

Discussion in 'Power Of Omens' started by Gallegos, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. Gallegos

    Gallegos New Metal Member

    Dec 4, 2006
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    Well, only a few know this and have done a great job of never acknowledging the fact that my Brother (Chris Gallegos) played keyboards as well as contributed to the creation of "Rooms of Anguish"..Though only being w/ the band for a short period, but being w/ the band nonetheless. I hear his some his own written material in some of the songs. I've met Dave, Alex and Chris and they don't seem the type to intentionally do something like this...I'm sure they have their own reasons for going their seperate ways...Anyway, just fyi..
    Dave, give him a two worked great together..and congratulations on the solo's awesome!
    Chris, Best Wishes w/ Zero Hour..I ordered the CD Sunday so hope to have it soon.
    Alex, best of luck w/ your project..hope everything works out great for you

    Godd Luck Guys, Hope to see yall around still kicking ass
    Tony :headbang:

    "Eyes of the Oracle" and "Rooms of Anguish" will forever be in my top 10 for greatest albums of all-time

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