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The Pursuit of Vikings 25 years in the eye of the storm; Amon Amarth

Discussion in 'Metal CD' started by djinnzfree, Dec 26, 2018.

  1. djinnzfree

    djinnzfree New Metal Member

    Dec 25, 2018
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    YUL / MTL /Qc
    I received this album from myself to myself.... i really bought it to encourage this wonderfull band and tehir works.
    I get it in DVD. The fist cd is a documentary / historic of the band... crew interview... nicely done.
    On 2nd DVD first part is live show on T-Stage from Summer Breeze festival... the choice of the songs are for amateur i discovered the song: ''the last with pagan blood'' and ''for the stabwounds in our backs''. I'ved always thinking about Amon Amarth is a bit on right side... but it's clear Johan says we're not in politics.
    The second part of the 2nd DVD is a live captation the next day on main stage at Summer Breeze august 17th. More ''hits'' on main stage!
    The thrid dvd is more like a music cd same as the second part of the 2nd DVD but in CD form for car or share it !
    I'am sold to amon amarth... i'ved seen them twice times in Montreal Deceiver of the Gods & Jomsviking show @ metrolpolis show place. On second show i bring a friend to discovered this powerfull awsome band!

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