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The Tenth Album

Discussion in 'Amon Amarth' started by thornh, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. thornh

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    Mar 8, 2006
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    New Hampshire
    First, hello everyone. I know this forum is pretty quiet but I hope some of you still check in now and again.

    It seems Johan and the boys have broken their summer silence and are headed to the forests of Sweden to drink a few beers and talk about album number 10. I figured that if they were talking maybe some of us could discuss what we would like to see and hear going forward from our favorite band.

    Well, first, there is the huge elephant in the room. As mighty as Amon Amarth still is I'm not quite sure how great they will sound without a drummer. Obviously the band is working on the situation and they're doing a really good job of keeping any negotiations they are having very secret. Anyone have any info, rumors, etc. that they would like to share?

    Record label. AA had a three album deal with Metal Blade that technically ended with Deceiver of the Gods. I highly doubt Metal Blade would not sign AA onto an extension but that doesn't mean AA won't get a better offer and sign with someone else. I'm very certain Napalm, Nuclear Blast or the likes would love to steal AA away from Metal Blade. Thoughts?

    Tenth album content. Well, we're not writing the album, the band gets to do that. But if they were open to advice or suggestions what would you try to convince them to do for this milestone album? Personally I want more songs like Embrace of the Endless Ocean. Also, AA has done many songs about the rank and file anonymous Viking but I would like them do an epic song or two specifically about a legendary Viking hero. Maybe, the Ragnarson clan. Or, Harald Hardrada. Or, sticking with the anonymity theme, the legendary big guy on Stamford Bridge. Something like that would be cool. What would like to see them accomplish with this album?

    Thanks for reading guys and gals. This year in metal has been a little light on the Viking side of things. I can't wait to see what Johan and the boys cook up in the forest. Skål!

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