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The Wandering Midget - The Serpent Coven

Discussion in 'Metal Reviews' started by Bleakest Harvest, Mar 7, 2009.

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    The Wandering Midget - The Serpent Coven
    Eyes Like Snow/Northern Silence - EYE006 -
    By Paddy Walsh


    With a sizeable void left by the regrettable demise of Reverend Bizarre last year, a slew of pretenders appear to be emerging, each intent on carrying the epic torch carried for so long by the Finnish doomsters. The Wandering Midget are something of an obvious choice for anyone looking for something in the vein of classic Reverend, especially since the vocals of Samuel Wormius tread a similarly grandiose howl to those of one Albert Witchfinder. Yet there are noticeable stylistic differences that make such comparisons slightly unfair. The Serpent Coven has a satisfyingly raw production, and there's a very prevalent occultish atmosphere all over this release. The 'Midget may have taken the cues of their existence from the mighty Reverend, but their influences are decidedly retro, in particular the nods to 70s rock and the darker end of NWOBHM (such as Witchfinder General) throughout.

    Most importantly, though, the songwriting is up to scratch, with a slew of fantastic bass-guitar interplay that makes for some excellent dynamics. The Wandering Midget certainly know their doom, and the lengthy, erm wandering compositions on offer are certainly worthy of any of their contemporaries. 'The Thing From The Black Reef' stands out as the album's certpiece, Wormius' vocals full of the requisite pomp that makes for a seriously epic slice of doom. 'Bring Forth the Accused', meanwhile, showcases the aforementioned dynamics bigtime, as the bass and guitars seemingly trade off of each other leading to what sounds like an early 70s acid-rock jam session. Thus to overlook these Finns because of their more obvious influences would be to ignore what is a fairly mighty slice of doom from a band that quite possibly have a classic lurking in them. Watch this space.

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    Official Northern Silence Website

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