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Tons Of Old Death Metal Demo Tapes For Sale!

Discussion in 'Trade / For Sale' started by madelid, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. madelid

    madelid Metal Warrior

    Dec 12, 2003
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    Orebro, Sweden
    Up for sale or trade are lots of old death metal demo tapes that I have collected through the years. I live in Sweden and many of my tapes are with swedish bands. Please bid or send trade lists to my mail thanks!

    Abhorrance The Summoning Demo 1993 US Death Metal Feat. Pete Sandoval´s Brother Rob
    Absurdum The Erotic Eclipse Demo 1996 Swedish Death Metal Side B: Promo ´95
    Achromasia Depravity Incarnate Demo Immortal Souls Prod. 2001 Slovakian 4-Track Death Metal
    Ad Infinitum I Demo 1996 Swedish Death Metal 4-Track On Blue Tape
    Adversary Darkened Minds Demo Ominous Records 1991 US Death Metal
    Agathocles Minced Alive Live Tape 2000 Belgian Grind
    Alchemist Demo ´91 Demo 1991 Australian Death Metal
    Anarchus Total Hate Demo 1988 Mexican Grindcore 8-Track
    Anatomy For Those Who´s Eyes Are Black Demo 1993 Australian Death Metal pp Cover
    Ancestor Tomorrow Demo 1998 Finnish Death Metal
    Ancient Slumber Abandon Your Voltaire Garden Demo 1993 Swedish Metal
    Atro City Demo 1 Demo 1988 Danish Death Metal
    Bahnhof Amp Aggression Demo 1997 Swedish Punk Rock 3-Track Demo
    Bedlam Permanent Psychosis Demo 1991 US Metal
    Betrayer Our Scars Demo 1994 Death Metal From Israel Side B: ”Power Of Hate” Demo + Live 940104
    Blackened So Real... Demo 1992 Italian Metal
    Braindead Corpse KZ Death Demo 1995 Danish Death Metal
    Catalepsy S/t Demo 1986 US Metal
    Catharsis Your Truth Demo 1993 Polish Death Metal
    Cemetary Earth Here Rest Remains From Centuries Of Demise Xarazah Demo 1992 US Death Metal 4-Track
    Centinex End Of Life Demo 1991 Swedish Death Metal
    Christbait Prod Felchmusic Demo 1991 5-Track
    Codex Gigas Livid Demo 1990 Swedish Death Metal 4-Track
    Complicity S/t Demo 1992 Swedish Death Metal Featuring Daniel Bryntse From Forlorn & Windwalker
    Corporation 187 Promo ´98 Demo 1998 Swedish Death Metal
    Crab Phobia Vol I Demo 1989 Pre- Traumatic Limited To 250 Copies
    Craving For Valusia S/t Demo 1997 German Death Metal
    Crematory The Exordium Demo 1990 Swedish Death/ Black Metal 4-Track Demo 1 On Black Tape
    Crematory Wrath From The Unknown Demo 1991
    Crematory Netherworlds Of The Mind Demo 1992
    Cromlech ...And Darkness Fell Demo 1996 Swedish Death Metal
    Crucifer Beyond The Realms Wild Rags/ B.T.R. Music 1991 US Death Metal Live EP
    Crucifer Festival Of Death Wild Rags/ B.T.R. Music 1992
    Cyanotic The Chasm Within Demo 1992 Danish Death Metal 3-Track
    Darklands Demo 2 Demo 1995 Swedish Dark/ Goth Metal
    Darklands Chronicles Demo 1996
    Dawn Of Decay Grief Demo 1992 4-Track Pro-printed Cover & Black Tape
    Dawn Of Decay Advance Tape ´97 Demo 1997
    Death Courier Deny Your Destiny Demo 1989 Greek Death Metal Side B: Live In Athens 2-5-89 5-Track #400
    Deathrune Beneath The Cypress Groves Demo 1992 US Death Metal
    Desecrate Lonely Disgrace Demo 1989 Hardcore/ Death Metal
    Desecrate S/t Demo 1989
    Destroying Divinity ...Created Demo 2001 Czech Death Metal 7-Track With Pro-printed Tape
    Dethronement Promo ´97 Demo 1997 Swedish Death Metal
    Dethronement Breeding The Demonseed Demo 1998
    Dethronement Steel Manufactured Death Demo 2002
    Disfigurement Corporal Sadophilia Demo 1999 Russian Death Metal
    Disgrace Inside The Labyrinth Of Depression Demo 1991 Finnish Death Metal
    Demo 1990 Swedish Death Metal
    Dispense- Demo 1992 Pre- Victims
    Dissonance Concealed Demo 1995 Lithuanian Death Metal
    Doomsday S/T Demo 1991 French Thrash Metal 2-Track
    Draconian Shades Of A Lost Moon Demo 1996 Swedish Gothic Death Metal
    Edicius Pleasant Pain Demo 1994 Swedish Death Metal
    Elysian Fields Promo Tape ´95 Promo Tape 1995 Greek Melodic Black Metal 2-Track
    Embryo Damnatory- Cacophony Demo 1991 Pre- Maze Of Torment & Xenofanes Members 3-Track
    Entity Demo 1 Demo 1994 Swedish Dark Death/ Doom Metal
    Entity The Demo 1993
    Entity Advance Tape Demo 1994
    Eternal Oath Demo 1 Demo 1992 Swedish Symphonic Death Metal
    Eternal Oath Art Of Darkness Demo 1992
    Eternal Tears Of Sorrow Bard´s Burial Demo 1994 Finnish Melodic Death Metal
    Eternal Tormentor New Fuckin´ Demo- E.T. Is Not A Nice... Demo 1990 Swedish Noise/ Grind
    Eternal Tormentor Even Newer And More Fuckin´ Demo- E.T... Demo 1991
    Eucharist Demo ´1 Demo 1992 Good Swedish Death Metal 5-Track
    Evenfall Kosto Demo 1998 Finnish Death Metal
    Excarnated Let The Hatred Manifest Demo 1998 Australian Brutal Death Metal 5-Track
    Excruciate Mutilation Of The Past Demo 1990 Death Metal Feat. Christoffer Johnsson From Therion On Vocals 6-Track
    Exempt Ill Health- Demo #2 Demo 1992 Death Metal Feat. Memb. Fr. Inverted, Reclusion, Pre- Immersed In Blood
    Exulceration And The Sickness Began... Demo 1990 Swiss Death Metal 8-Track #119
    Facelift A Saga Demo 1996 Danish Death Metal
    Faerghail In Dreamful Supremacy Demo 1995 Finnish Melodic Death/ Heavy Metal 4-Track
    Forlorn Tired... Demo 1991 Swedish Epic Doom Metal Feat Memb Fr Windwalker, Morannon, Withered Beauty 3-Track
    Foul Stench Jiz Mark Demo 1993 US Death Metal 4-Track
    Gallows Demo ´93 Demo 1993 Israelian Death Metal
    Genetic Mutation Future Vision Demo 1995 Feat Memb Fr Mithotyn Swedish Death Metal On Purple Cassette
    Gooseflesh The Wraith Demo 1997 Swedish Death/ Thrash Metal
    Gorement Human Relic Demo 1991 Good Swedish Death Metal
    Gorement Obsequies Demo 1992
    Gravity Magic Doom Demo 1988 Swedish Thrash/ Death Metal #307
    Grope More Bloody Garbage Demo 1992 Aus Death Metal 6-Track
    Grot Sawn Off Cock Gun Demo 1998 21-Track Demo From England
    Guidance Of Sin Soul Disparity Demo 1997 with Memb Fr Amon Amarth, A Canorous Quintet, Strangulation etc...
    Guillotine Under The Guillotine Demo 1995 Swedish Thrash/ Death metal Featuring Members From Naglfar
    Gyllene Terror ...Den Sista Svensken? Demo 1991 Featuring Larzon Pre- Millencolin Recorded 15/12- 89 5-Tracks
    Harassed Desire Of Exploring The Afterlife Demo 1992 Swedish Death Metal
    Hefeystos S/t Demo 1996 Polish Death Metal
    Holocaust Gloom Demo 1997 Swedish Death Metal 5-Track
    Hypocrite Ruler Of The Dark Demo 1991 Swedish Death Metal 3-Track
    Ileus Not Life Demo Spiritual Winter Productions 1992 Finnish Death Metal 2nd Demo 9-Track
    Immersed In Blood Eine Kleine Deathmusik Demo 1999 Swedish Death Metal Members From Nominon & Skymning
    Insalubrious Pieces Of A Dream Spiritual Winter Productions 1994 Pre-Abyssos Now Active Again 5-Track Demo
    Insision Promo 2000 Demo 2000 Swedish Death Metal 4-Track
    Insision Revelation Of The Sadogod Demo 2001
    Integrity Detrimental Arguments Demo 1990 Recorded 10-11/3-90 White Tape 3-Track
    Inverted The Shadowland Shiver Records 1995
    Issu´s Barn Det Förflutna Är Glömt, Nuet Snart Slut... Demo 1989 25 Track Demo w/ Songs From 87-89 Lim. To 50
    Jesus Save Untitled Demo Demo 1992 Japanese Death Metal
    Kaamos Promo ´99 Demo 1999 Swedish Death Metal 3-Track
    Kaamos Curse Of Aeons Demo 2000
    Kohort- Christian Masquerade Demo 1995 Morbid Noizz Polish Black Metal
    Krhoma Death Real Vision Of Chaos Demo 1990 French Death Metal
    Ligament Demo ´92 Chaos Productions 1992 Swedish Death Metal 3-Track
    Lobotomy Against The Gods Demo 1992 Swedish Death Metal 2nd Demo 7-Track
    Lobotomy Nailed In Misery Demo 1993
    Lost Souls S/t Demo 1993 Swedish Industrial/ Thrash Metal
    Lucifer Darkness Demo 1991 Black/ Death Metal From Mjölby Featuring Pre-Dawn Members
    Lubricant Swallow The Symmetric Swab Demo 1991 Finnish Death Metal
    Macrodex Infernal Excess Demo 1989 Demo 2 Pre- Crypt Of Kerberos/ Pain Of Salvation From Eskilstuna 4-Track
    Magellan Result Of Madness Demo 1989 7-Track
    Malignancy Ignorance Is Bliss Demo 1997 US Death Metal Featuring Mortician Drummer Roger Beaujard 4-Track
    Maniacal Genocide Too Late For Apologies Demo 1988 US Thrash/ Death Metal
    Manticore S/t Demo 1994 Swedish Death Metal
    Marble Icon, The Queen Dowager Demo 1995 Demo ´96 6-Track
    Memorium Enlightenment Demo 1994 Swedish Death Metal Side B: Bay Laurel- ”Into The Mist”
    Mercenary Promo ´95 Demo 1995 Swedish Death Metal
    Midvinter Midvinternatt Demo 1994 Swedish Black Metal 5-Track
    Mindflair The Multi-orgasmic Man Demo 1998 German Grindcore 9-Track
    Mindrot 1990 Demo Demo 1990 US Doom/ Death Metal 10-Track
    Mindrot Faded Dream Demo 1992
    Misanthropy Bruised Opinion Demo 1992 Irish Death Metal Incl. A Band Logo Sticker
    Moaning Wind Demo 2 Demo 1994 Swedish Melodic Death Metal 4-Track
    Morgue Acts Of The Macabre Demo 1998 French Death Metal 4-Track
    Mortal God Impurity Demo 1993 Finnish Death Metal Ex-Abhorrence Pre-Evemaster 5-Track
    Mortal God Letting Moonlight Into You Advance Tape 1994 Advance Tape For Self-released CD 7-Track
    Mortuary Enter The Mortuary Demo 2000 Swedish Death Metal Limited To 200 Copies
    Mourning Sign Last Chamber Demo 1992 Swedish Death Metal Featuring Amaran Member 4-Track
    Natterjack Downfall Demo 1992 Swedish Death Metal
    Necrocide S/T Demo 2000 Swedish Death Metal 7-Track
    Necroflesh Demo ´99 Demo 1999 Italian Death Metal 4-Track
    Necropath Angels Of Sin Demo 1992 Greek Death Metal 7-Track #33
    Nefas He Was Born Demo 1997 Italian Death Metal 5-Track
    Nezgaroth Demo 1 Demo 1993 Swedish Doom/ Gothic Metal
    Nightchant Peacebleed Demo 1996 Swedish Death Metal
    Nightfall Vanity Demo 1991 Greek Death/ Doom Metal
    Nuctemeron The Unexpected Demo 1988 Death Metal From Singapore 4-Track
    Numanthia And The Water Came Demo 1995 Swedish Death Metal
    Nuts, The Too Late Demo 1988 Punk Rock 8-Track
    Obey Magic Of Dreams Demo 1989 Swedish Death Metal
    Obscura Demo ´97 Demo 1997 Swedish Death Metal 2-Track
    Obscura In Agony Demo 2000 Pre- Imperious 4-Track
    Order From Chaos Stillbirth Machine Wild Rags Records 1991 US Death Metal
    Overlord ...Is Everywhere Demo 1994 Polish Death Metal
    Pagandom Hear Your Naked Skin Say Ashes to Ashes Demo 1990 Swedish Thrash Metal 4-Track
    Palimpsest S/T Demo 1991 6-Track Demo On Black Tape
    Pandemonic Lycanthropy Demo 1999 3-Track
    Pax Mortis Fear ´92 Demo 1992 US Death Metal
    Phantasma Jazz For Jesus Demo 1995 Slovakian Death Metal
    Phlebotomized Devoted To God Demo 1992 Dutch Death Metal 7-Track
    Pitbulls On Crack Silence Demo 1993 From Mjölby 5-Track
    Proboscis Slappsychometalcore- Demo 2 Demo 1993 Swedish Funk Death Metal
    Prophecy Remission Of Sins Demo 1992 Swedish Death Metal
    Putrefy/ Vomitory Rare Tracks Split Tape 2001 Split Tape Rehearsals & Live & Rare Tracks
    Ragnarök Beloved Of The Raven God Demo 1995 British Viking Metal
    Rectum Enforced Prick Demo 1992 Finnish Porno Death Metal
    Resurrecturis No Flesh Shall Be Spared Demo 1994 Italian Death Metal
    Ritual Torment S/T Demo 1991 US Death Metal Including Business Card 4-Track
    Rottrevore The Epitome Of Pantalgia Demo 1990 US Death Metal 5-Track
    Sacred Death Only Death Is Sacred Demo 1987 6-Track
    Salvation S/T Demo 1990 From Mjölby 3-Track
    Sarcasm In Hate... Demo 1992 Swedish Death Metal Featuring Gates Of Ishtar, Defleshed Member 3-Track
    Sarcasm Dark- Demo 2 Demo 1993 2-Track
    Sarcasm A Touch Of The Burning Red Sunset Demo 1994 4-Track
    Sarcazm Jeremiads Demo 1992 Swedish Thrash/ Death Metal
    Sardonic Tears Enter Oblivion Demo 1997 Swedish Death Metal
    Schizo Wounds (In The Clay) Demo 1992 Italian Death Metal Featuring Necrodeath Member Including Sticker 4-Track
    Scurvy Demo 1 2000 Demo 2000 Swedish Grind/ Death Metal 4-Track
    Septic Flesh Forgotten Path Demo 1991 Greek Death Metal 7-Track
    Septic Grave Deformed Illusion Dead Decay Demo 1991 Swedish Death Metal
    Seraph Profane Incarcerated Demo 1992 Swedish Death Metal Side B: Rehearsal ´93
    Serenade Let Loose The Beauty Within Demo Deviation Records 1994 Scottish Doom Metal 4-Track
    Serpent Obscene Behold The Beginning Demo 1997 Swedish Death/ Thrash Metal 3-Track
    Skitzo The Skulling Demo Mourning Star Records 1990 US Thrash Metal 4-Track
    Skullcrusher Tortured To Death Demo 1997 5-Track
    Somber Dragonfly Demo 1996 From Sweden 7-Track
    Soothsayer To Be A Real Terrorist Kassett Demo 1986 Canadian Death Metal Rare 5-Track Demo Tape
    Spiteful Reh/ Demo 3 Demo 1994 4-Track
    Svart Kärlek- Alternativ Valurna? Demo 1989 Swedish Punk Music
    Therion Paroxysmal Holocaust Demo 1989 Good Swedish Death Metal 3-Track
    Thornclad Ravage Demo 1997 Swedish Death/ Thrash Metal 3-Track
    Trimmad Elg Gruesome Time Demo 1990 HC/ Metal/ Punk Featuring Some Well Known Musicians
    Tyburn In My Mind Demo 1992 Swedish Death Metal
    Unleashed The Utter Dark Demo 1990 1st Demo 3-Track
    Unleashed ...Revenge Demo 1990 Swedish Death Metal 2nd Demo 3-Track
    Valcyrie Into The Questions Of What? Demo 1990 Swedish Death Metal
    Vermin Demo ´92 Demo 1992 Swedish Death Metal 9-Track
    Voidd Pain Demo 1992 Japanese Black/ Thrash Metal 5-Track
    Vomit Mechanic Abomination Demo 1988 Greek Death Metal 10-Track
    Wardance A Short Sharp Shock Demo 1988 UK Death/ Thrash Metal 6-Track
    Wings The Sun Demo 1994 Finnish Death Metal Feat. Members f. Vomiturition, Agressor (Fra), Cartilage, Enochian Crescent, Rotten Sound & Wintersun 2-Track
    Withered Beauty Through Silent Skies Demo 1995 Swedish Melodic Death Metal Feat. Members f. Windwalker, Forlorn (Swe), Morannon, Isole & Gadget 6-Track
    Withering Surface Unique- Promo ´95 Promo Tape 1995 Danish Death Metal 4-Track
    Without Grief Forever Closed Demo 1996 Swedish Death Metal 4-Track
    Wolfsblood Chronicles From The Black Abyss And Of Everything In Between Part 1 – The Beast Inside Demo 1998 Swedish Heavy Boogie Metal 4-Track
    Wolfsblood Chronicles From The Black Abyss And Of Everything In Between Part 2 – The Dying Process Demo 1998
    Wounded Meadow, The Sketches Demo 1992 14-Track
  2. Jester Jake

    Jun 4, 2003
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    I sent you a message
  3. Mayraalejandra

    Mayraalejandra New Metal Member

    Jun 13, 2012
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    Do you still have this tape, what's the cost?

    Therion Paroxysmal Holocaust Demo 1989 Good Swedish Death Metal 3-Track
  4. RedStorm

    RedStorm Death has come

    Apr 30, 2014
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    somewhere in the milky way
    Holy shit
  5. tonyo666

    tonyo666 New Metal Member

    May 18, 2017
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    do u still having DISPENSE demo?
    I look for it.
    let me lnwo if u enter here...


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