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totalrock back on sky

Discussion in 'Japan Metal Scene' started by Di, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. Di

    Di DJ Absinthia

    Jul 16, 2003
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    SE London
    We're delighted to announce that TotalRock will return to broadcasting on SKY Digital from December 1st 2004!
    For the time being, TotalRock will be broadcast 24/7 through the soon-to-be-launched 'ON AIR' Channel - channel 938 - until SKY are able to allocate one specifically for TotalRock to occupy - probably in until SKY are able to.
  2. Di

    Di DJ Absinthia

    Jul 16, 2003
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    SE London
    Hiya Everybody!!

    Everything seems to be happening all at once... at last!

    Good News .1 is that next week TotalRock should see us moving upstairs to the top floor of the building and a new office and home for Studio 2! Studio 1 (the main broadcast studio) and the Library will stay where it is now.

    If anyone in and around London fancies helping us to move the studio from
    above the Crobar and other bits up from the 1st to the 3rd floor nxt
    Thursday and Friday... please contact me direct> All assistance much

    And at a good time like this I just want to say that we've all been thinking
    - with much gratitude, love, warmth and thanks - about how much each and
    every one of you have supported us and kept us going over the lastyear/18
    months. You Rock. You rule.

    Next up... we've just about made the transfer back to Prime Relay!

    This means that... people are most probably aware, Malcolm's most excellent Newsletter is
    up and running again and, thanks to Khyam's brilliance, looking waaaay
    better than ever!

    ...the official TR chatroom should be back, up and running very soon, too.
    It's probably you guys' efforts with getting up and keeping running a chat
    room that has, along, of course, with the Newsgroups, kept the spirit of TR
    alive. You know who you are and that we actually really worship you all!

    ...the webcam will be back in operation very soon indeed, too. We actually
    have the cam and I think it's only a couple of pieces of boffinry that are
    needed before listeners can bask in the amazement of my shiny head, perv
    lovingly at TR's amazing bevvy of stunningly talented fairer sex presenters
    and puzzle at Malky's sheet of white paper!

    And none of this could have happened if you hadn't stuck by us and had all
    fucked off to Kerrang! and Planet Rock!!

    And, saving the best 'til last...

    TotalRock will return to SKY Digital on December 1st!

    For the moment, because of massive demand by broadcasters on SKY channels
    (remember - we were one of the very first!), we will have to broadcast via
    another channel - called 'ON AIR' on channel 938.

    However, we've been on the waiting list since July and have been told SKY
    will indicate a date when TotalRock will have it's own channel within the
    next week or so. We suspect this will be a Spring 2005 date.

    This will make no difference to the TR listener but will mean that the next
    few months will be spent building a slow marketing approach (as the EPG -
    Electronic Programme Guide - or what you see listed on the screen won't
    actually list TR as a station until we have our own channel but will show
    'ON AIR' with the caption along the lines of 'TotalRock broadcasting the
    best rock and metal 24 hours a day').

    Great news that this is - we're aware that all of this is just getting us
    back into the starting blocks. We have a lot to do, a long way to go and
    many, many improvements to continue to make. We're going to need your
    fantastic help and support lots and lots more yet - but things look brighter
    than they have for 20 months. Thank fuck!

    I think we'll hopefully have some more big, happy, promising and positive
    announcements to make in the coming weeks but for now want to say, one more
    time, THANK YOU.

    all from the man Andy King in person :)

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