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TWELFTH GATE Reunion @ Reggie's in Chicago, Sat. Dec 10th, $10

Discussion in 'Chicago Powerfest' started by GateXII, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. GateXII

    GateXII Soul Collector

    Jun 26, 2001
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    Chicago, IL
    For those who may be interested. ;-)


    Saturday, Dec 10th, 7:00PM

    TWELFTH GATE Reunion Show (17+)




    Press Release...

    TWELFTH GATE: Reunion Show Scheduled & Writing New Songs

    Chicago-based progressive thrash band TWELFTH GATE have reunited with original singer Scott Huffman & guitarist Rich Knight, and have scheduled a reunion show to take place on Saturday, Dec 10th at Reggie's Rock Club (17+ event) in Chicago, IL. Rounding out the live lineup will be original bass player Rob Such, original live rhythm guitarist Gabe DeLaurie, and drummer Sean Scala. The band is planning on playing their debut album, "Summoning" (2003, Crash Music) in its entirety, with maybe a select track or two off their sophomore album "Threshold of Revelation" (2006, Season of Mist). Also performing will be some very talented up-and-comers from the local Chicago metal scene...CLAD IN DARKNESS, WINGS OF SEVERANCE & DEADNIGHT.

    Rob also commented: "Jamming with Rich & Scott again has made me realize how much I really missed the old Twelfth Gate lineup...the chemistry we have, both musically and as friends, just makes jamming that much more fun! Also, bringing Gabe back into the fold, with his flawless execution of our songs, and adding the monster of a drummer in Sean, has brought a new life back into the band. I believe that without all these players, the reunion would not have been possible. Rich and I have also always been a great writing team, and the material we're already coming up with is proof positive of that fact! I can't wait to finish some of these new ideas and have Scott add his unquestionable creativity into the mix. Once everything gets rolling again, there will be nothing stopping us...Twelfth Gate is back!"

    If you want to keep tabs on what's up with the band, check out our Facebook page - www.facebook/TwelfthGate

    We've currently got free MP3 downloads up & will be adding more songs each week leading up to the show...and also giving away CDs & tickets to the show. Hope to see many of you locals there.

    Take care,
  2. MetalSpice

    MetalSpice A slave who forever rocks

    Jul 28, 2008
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    Secret Lair of the Underpants Gnomes
    Damn...I should have flown back for this. But then I remembered it is cold there. Haha! Set up a webcam dude! Sorry I'll miss it! It's stuff like this that I miss about Chicago.

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