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Xathrites Band

Discussion in 'New Metal Band Showcase' started by spiritofhell, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. spiritofhell

    spiritofhell New Metal Member

    Nov 1, 2012
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    Xathrites : An Assyrian leader
    Whose proper name was Phraortes
    He incited the Assyrians to rebel against Darius Hystaspes
    But unsuccessfully
    As he was defeated and slain by Vomises.
    the general of Darius
    At the town of Achitu.


    About Xathrites Band :

    Xathrites Is a Black Metal band from Middle East founded by Alex Basher and Saqer Vashkigalix in 2005 In IRAQ , Baghdad and the project was about playing ( Pure Black MeTal Music ) and it changed to be a Depressive Black MeTal Music after some Accidents happened to our band members , in 2006 Saqer Vashkigalix Traveled to Egypt , Cairo and the band stopped playin but in 2007 Alex Basher Traveled to Egypt , Cairo too then meet Saqer Vashkigalix and after a while they decide to Start The Band Again with Two Members Saqer Vashkigalix and Alex Basher .
    in 2012 they finished their new album and they said that's every week they will upload a new song , so people can listening to the
    whole album ...

    and this is their new song : [ame=""][/ame]

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