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Apr 2, 2018
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Apr 27, 1978 (Age: 44)

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living in crazy-town USA Dec 11, 2019

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    Apr 27, 1978 (Age: 44)


    Hair metal is the most obnoxious, vapid, shallow, narcisstic, money hungry, trendy, image-obsessed, corporate owned, trashy, androgynous, dogshit to ever smear it's godawful fucking legacy on the face of music as a whole after someone else saying the above, is it still okay for me to say "I love hair metal"?? But has someone truly disagreed with it if they haven't posted their thoughts, a picture and a meme to social media? Post a picture about how much you disagree with posting pictures about Gillette, then I'll take you seriously. If a razor falls in the garbage and no one is around to upload it, is it really a boycott? I used to always wear cargo pants, and I remember the first time I wore rather tight pants to work, a MILFy peer stared at my crotch for a good two seconds, distracted while talking. Not that my flaccid penis or scrotum are worth bragging about or particularly noticeable, but it was kind of an ah-ha moment as to why cargo pants are considered unfashionable. (That or the natural bagginess of my old pants provided the illusion of a bulge, and she was shocked to not find the slightest contour in my new pants.) On a related note, I've gotten better at maintaining erections while photographing myself nude, and have figured out better angles for emphasizing my junk. Not worth bragging about erect either, but I always had this seed of doubt when people would say "Oh, it may look big but it's just the angle" because it seemed like I could never find the right angle, but now I feel pretty confident that I could deceive lonely middle aged homosexuals if I ever decided to start camming on xhamster.
    #21886HamburgerBoy, Apr 20, 2015