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May 30, 2022 at 7:31 PM
Dec 27, 2005
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Chicago, IL

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tvitacco, Male, from Chicago, IL

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May 30, 2022
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    Chicago, IL
    Guitarist Tom Vitacco writes and records traditional heavy metal tunes combining melodic, semi-technical riffs with scorching solos, growling bass and pounding drums. A unique blend of old school metal with hints of thrash, progressive and power metal thrown into the mix.

    Worwyk has been Tom's main project band for 30+ years now. Worwyk started as a “real band” back in the late 80s but after struggling for years to find like-minded musicians, Tom bought a drum machine and 4-track cassette recorder and began his home recording journey in 1989.

    From 1990-2004, Tom released 11 Worwyk albums while also contributing to other bands, including Affliction and the online collaboration project called Koalition. He also co-wrote and played on the 2010 album Metal Rebirth with another side project known as Metal Force.

    Tom has worked with many great musicians in the past and collaborated with some excellent vocalists on albums such as In Solitude (2006), Malignant (2009), Shadows Black (2013), Decapitator (2018), Demons to Some (2020) and Dark Embrace (2022).

    While Worwyk will always be Tom's main band, he has focused on other projects in recent years including:

    Shadows Black: featuring more of a gothic synth metal sound that ventures beyond the traditional metal of Worwyk. The songs are keyboard driven with heavy guitars and female vocals. Releases: Your World (2017)

    Insynirator: a different type of project to test out musical ideas that do not fit the styles of the other project bands. Releases: Lost in the Darkness (2017)

    Divisiv: another metal project which combines the synth sound of Shadows Black with the traditional metal of Worwyk while mixing in some cinematic orchestral sections and different vocal styles.

    Releases: Adharma (2019) and Burn It Down (2021)

    Tom is strictly a studio musician and does not play live. He writes and records the music in his home studio (Schnozz Studios) and handles the mixing, mastering, production, artwork and promotion for all his project bands.

    Finally, Tom would like to say thank you in advance for listening and reviewing the tunes and bands. The support is always greatly appreciated! \m/