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Ásmegin - Arv

Discussion in 'Metal Reviews' started by TheTechnogoat, Jul 13, 2009.

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    Ásmegin - Arv
    Napalm Records - 1 December 2008
    By Jack Deming


    Ásmegin's long awaited followup to 2003's Hin Vordende Sod & Sø is characterized by a staggered, swaggering rhythmic feel and an unusually stark contrast of clean female and dirty vocals. I can definitely sense progression here; their sound hasn't drastically changed, but these tunes have a fresh and interesting flavor to them.

    What is the most interesting about this specific breed of folk metal bands is the natural sequentiality of their songs (Primordial is probably the best example of this, whose welcome influence can be heard in ’Yndifall’). That is to say, the songs are not purely directional movements from point A to B by a gathering together of disparate segments, but ones that are more concerned with progression and processes of development, and are written with the entire song in mind. The best points in Arv are those that foster this motif by referencing and bringing together key moments in each song.

    The best instance of this here is the title track ‘Arv’, in the arrangement of the last two minutes in particular. These last two minutes feature a fairly slow breakdown with a really interesting vocal harmony looming in the background that is contrasted against shimmering, jangly guitar harmonies, before giving way to a folky and fast as bollocks romp. All this fades to the stirring vocal melody that was previously heard in the breakdown, now heard unaccompanied in all of its glory. This device brilliantly rounds off the end of the song and at the same time musically conveys the idea of memory, and that is what folk metal is about, once you wade out of all the gimmicks. Fantastic release.

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