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Discussion in 'Unsigned Spotlights' started by Russell, Dec 1, 2002.

  1. Russell

    Russell __

    Jul 15, 2001
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    The starry attic
    Who are you and what do you do (in the band)?
    I’m Dan 138, I write and perform all the songs, everything else is dealt with by Tuesdays Music.

    Are Tuesdays music a label?
    Tuesdays Music are just starting out as a record/management company, they have been involved with bands I’ve been in before and are now supporting my new project.

    Where's the band from?
    Kensington, London - England

    Who're your major influences?
    Glenn Danzig – especially Samhain
    Antonin Artaud
    Oliver Finch
    Horror films

    Cool, so, would you care to recommend any films? What are a few of your

    The Re-animator’s, Hellraiser, The Exorcist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre,
    The Return of the living deads (especially III)

    Excellent! I too am a fan of many of those films.. So, what's your local scene like?
    Obviously being London the scene is huge. You can see major international bands near enough every night, which is cool – but it makes it really hard for the hundreds of local unsigned bands struggling to pull a decent crowd from the leftovers! So many times I have played to just the bar staff and a few friends!

    I’m sure they appreciated it! How can people hear your music?
    You can download my demo from the website

    If you could play a gig with 3 other bands, who would it be?
    Black Sabbath – (70’s Ozzy era)
    The Doors (anytime)
    Motley Crue ( ‘Shout at the Devil’ tour)
    …to see how long I could last partying with the major league!!

    I wouldn’t wait till then! You know what they say, practice make perfect!
    Point taken, must try harder!!

    What's your best gig memory?
    Getting to play ‘The Ruskin Arms’. After years of watching Iron Maiden videos, I got to play the legendary venue!

    What's your worst?
    ‘The Ruskin Arms’!! After looking forward to it so much, the band played shit, I played shit, the sound was shit, no one was there - and to top it all I got kicked twice by the singer trying to get my attention mid way through the set!!

    Would you describe your sound as Hot or Cold?
    I’ve never thought of it as a temperature, but I suppose I’d say cold. I think of it more as colours - black and green with a desolate feel hence the ‘Case #6’ cover.

    What are you plans for the future?
    At the moment I am scoring a soundtrack for an independent horror film – it’s a tribute to the 80’s slasher films! I have another soundtrack for a short film coming up in January, and I’ll be working on my next demo while doing these!

    Good news! Can we know the names of the films? And directors?
    I’m working on ‘Chameleon Killer’ at the moment, directed by Matt Spease / Dark Night films. The short film is being produced now, directed by Stephen Barber and Ben Norton – and is as yet untitled. I’m scheduled to start writing the music for that in January if everything goes well.

    Good luck! What song of yours should people listen to before any other?
    Dr. Sepis Cleaver. People tell me this is the best one, but the demo is a story – and if you want to know what’s happening you have to listen from the beginning.

    If a label said they'd sign you for a 10 album, multi-million £ deal, providing you got rid of one of your members (you can choose!), would you do it?
    As it’s only me - I hope that won’t happen! Seriously, I would if the member didn’t contribute anything…

    What's your favourite album of all time, and why?
    Misfits - Earth AD. The whole artwork, sound and image of the band are complete perfection. The feedback on that album is amazing!!

    What was the main reason you became a musician?
    James Hetfield

    How would you like to be remembered?
    As somebody that tried hard to make their dreams come true and didn’t deal out shit whilst trying

    What's the first word that comes to mind when you see the word MANOWAR!

    What one location in the world would you love to play a gig at?
    Whiskey A Go-Go

    What do you think of the current metal magazines? Which rock, and which are shit?
    I have uses for them all. I don’t like commercial ass licking, but at least it helps to get smaller bands to a wider audience.

    This is true, but relatively few magazines actually have any coverage of these smaller bands..
    True… take the example of Frankenstein Drag Queens. They had barely any coverage, then Murderdolls come out and they are everywhere, with huge articles and great reviews - just because of Joey Jordison. 80% of the Murderdolls songs are rehashed Frankenstein Drag Queen songs, even the logo has been taken!

    Tell us 3 good reasons why people should listen to you?
    You might like it.
    It’s different.
    It took me fucking ages!!!

    Any message for your fans and the UM masses?
    I love you all!
    X X X

    A review of 138's latest demo, case#6 can be found here.

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