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2 The Gallows - Trashcore Techno

Discussion in 'Unsigned Spotlights' started by Clayfordthecommunistseagul, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. Clayfordthecommunistseagul

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    Jan 7, 2013
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    2 The Gallows is a swedish unsigned Trashcore (Techno) band who has existed for about a year.
    The lineup is:

    Ken Heilkelberg - Scream vocals
    Stefan Rydfalk - Clean vocals
    Christoffer Dahlén -Bass guitar
    David Hultin - Drums
    Jesper Uhlin - Lead guitar
    Andreas Magito - Rythm guitar

    Eventhough they are a new band they have already made their mark on the map, they have played Various shows around sweden, won a musicvideo contest (beating Major unsigned band) and have been reviewed and interviewd by Crankitup.

    They are also currently participating in a sponsor contest, hosted by Shotmonkey clothing, if you dont want to like the bandpage, can you atleast like a picture?

    the picure: (like it )

    Their Facebook page:

    And their Youtube account:

    They also have their music on Spotify and Itunes.

    :kick ass:
    Please check them out and support the best you can!
    //2 The Gallows (sorry for my English, Im just a silly swede :3)

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