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Discussion in 'Dark Tranquillity' started by Defiance, Dec 29, 2012.

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    Aug 30, 2006
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    After first listening to Construct for awhile, and then not, then coming back to again, I really have to review and say that I believe Dark Tranquillity are starting to sound a bit "cheap" - the contrast between the "singles"/"rather good ideas" is getting pretty far from some of the filler tracks, and I really first started to notice this on Damage Done so many years ago, though it was never a big, starkly difference until We Are The Void.

    What I mean by this, is with the last few albums especially, or like with Character, it'll seem like there's some ideas that are so catchy and intense that they just stick with you, where some other tracks may indeed have some character to them (pun), but just not enough to get you hooked to the track or present as truly interesting. For instance, on Construct, Apathetic just comes across as annoying, and on We Are The Void, I Am The Void must have been one of the worst DT songs released, and Surface The Infinate had an extremely insane chorus on the "making-of" videos, but was changed to something boring and rather tame last minute.

    Overall, there's no pattern in it, as with We Are The Void, it was more like instances of boredom, where as on Construct, some of the songs fall weak because it seems Dark Tranquillity are trying to be "spastic" and have "odd time signatures" (which, in my opinion, sort of ruins what an amazing idea State Of Trust could have been if the catchy, Projector-like chorus was quite a bit longer than what it was. And then we have Character, where the "off" songs seemed a little boring, and Fiction, where the filler songs almost seemed too silly and too catchy.

    I just haven't really been able to sit down and listen to a Dark Tranquillity album all the way through, or even keep all the songs actually on my Ipod, since Damage Done, and really, even in comparison to Damage Done, Haven was really that last album where I appreciated and loved every single song as though it was one of the best in Dark Tranquillity's career - I felt the same way about Projector as well, and even all of the bonus tracks recorded in those periods. Without a doubt too, both with Void and Construct, I haven't been able to stand the bonus tracks, they just seem like cheap, leftover ideas.

    Granted, in my opinion, even The Gallery and The Mind's I suffered from some "off" tracks throughout the list, so I can't say that I'm really surprised by this evolution of Dark Tranquillity, but I got into them around Damage Done, and since then, I sort of hoped they'd have been a band to really get the structure together and really make sure each song has a great standard and really breaks things up from the next. Even Character maintained to at least sound like a very respectful album in my opinion, even if some of the ideas were dull, it managed to sound very thought-out and there was a lot of detail to ensuring each track sounded quite interesting in terms of the truly complex sonic production.

    I'm sure it's hard for any band to truly write a full album of songs out of nowhere, and I'm glad that Dark Tranquillity are still putting out great music at any rate - however, really the only good track I was able to truly become long-term addicted to on the new album is Uniformity: it just had a certain charm and production value, a certain emotion and power, that hasn't been matched since the Haven days (though Lost To Apathy was a good bet for the money!). I truly wish this new album had went much deeper into a Projector/Haven territory, and with Uniformity leading the way, I think the band had a really good chance to do just that.

    Anywho, does anyone know if the Memory Construct song is availible in any form? I really want to hear it and see what the big "difference" is about the track... maybe it'll be a super-dramatic-energetic-Haven-esque outtake that'll really sort of pump up the album for me!

    (All this ain't to say that Dark Tranquillity is a bad band - there's plenty of songs across the new releases that I do find amazing, just, the feeling of a "band in their prime" isn't there. I'd say the best songs over the last three albums is "Uniformity", "The Grandest Accusation", "The Mundane And The Magic", and "Iridium" - and "Iridium" was written back in the Gallery days! Apart from that selection, just judging the albums as a whole, I feel like all the other tracks just don't exactly match up - even then, that's not saying most of them are bad, just, a few really are, and most seem to feel slightly cheaper/less-attention-given in the production and/or structure.)
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    an exit to eternal summer slacking
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