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A friendly spam : Anathema song survivor polls on UM

Discussion in 'Travis Smith' started by cedarbreed, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. cedarbreed

    cedarbreed Don't mean nothin'

    Dec 9, 2001
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    A Nation on Fire
    Kinda funny if you have some time to waste...

    You vote for the worst song of the album and when the poll is closed the worst two songs are kicked out ( just one song for the EP's ). And there are several rounds until there's only one song remaining per album. Final stage : the great final between the survivor songs of each album !

    Crestfallen survivor poll :
    Serenades survivor poll :
    Pentecost III survivor poll :
    The Silent Enigma survivor poll :
    Eternity survivor poll :
    Alternative 4 survivor poll :
    Judgement survivor poll :
    AFDTE survivor poll :
    A Natural Disaster survivor poll :

    Don't forget to vote for your LEAST FAVOURITE ONE ! And don't worry about the closed ones, the next rounds are coming very soon...

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