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a Thrashy Deathy CACOPHONY...

Discussion in 'Self-Promotion' started by LostMessiah, Jun 7, 2022.

  1. LostMessiah

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    Nov 13, 2006
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    ~C A C O P H O N Y~

    Christchurch's very own HEAVY METAL radio show on...

    RDU98.5FM Tuesday's 10pm-12pm

    Radio Addington 107.5FM, Friday & Monday at 10pm.

    Listen or Download CACOPHONY at

    We're on Facebook! [Who isn't?] to hear the best Metal Radio NZ has to offer...

    The Lost Messiah gets stuck into some new music after the month long NZ Metal Month hiatus. This week it's Kreator, Carnal Ghoul and Nocturnal Graves. New releases from Mental Care Foundation, Archspire, Abysmal Dawn, Nite, Unleashed and Dagoba. Plus the usual NZ Metal suspects from our own Thrash and Death community.

    Kreator [Germany] [Thrash] - Hate Uber Alles [2022]
    Kreator [Germany] [Thrash] - Violent Revolution [2022]

    Kreative Playlist

    Mental Care Foundation - Watch The Water Rise
    Metal Tower [NZ] - Double Brown Torpedo Shelf
    * Kreator - Hate Uber Alles
    * Kreator - Strongest Of The Strongest
    * Kreator - Midnight Sunday
    * Kreator - Demonic Future
    Masorah [NZ] - Dark Martyr
    Sinate [NZ] - Seperatist
    * Kreator - Reconquering The Throne
    * Kreator - Servant In Heaven
    * Kreator - Ghetto War
    * Kreator - Slave Machinery
    Bulletbelt [NZ] - Show Me Your Throat
    Nite - Acheron

    Nocturnal Graves [Australia] [Death] - An Outlaws Stand [2022]

    Carnal Ghoul [Germany] [Death] - Back From The Vault [2022]

    Nocturnal Carnal Playlist

    Dagoba - The Last Crossing
    Malevolence [NZ] - Let Them Die
    Abysmal Dawn - A Nightmare Slain
    Prisoner Of War [NZ] - Purgatorial Shadow
    * Nocturnal Graves - Death To Pigs
    * Nocturnal Graves - Ruthless Fight
    * Nocturnal Graves - No Mercy For Weakness
    * Nocturnal Graves - Beyond The Flesh
    * Carnal Ghoul - In Cold Blood
    * Carnal Ghoul - Death By Fucking Metal
    * Carnal Ghoul - Minion
    * Carnal Ghoul - Ravenous
    Gunt [NZ] - Lynching
    Unleashed - Where You Can Flee
    Akaname [NZ] - Rhythm
    Archspire - Bleed The Future

    Gigs [All Gigs TBC]

    Friday June 17th @DarkRoom – End Boss CHCH album release with Borer and Old Haven. Tickets $18 from UTR.

    Saturday June 25th @ The Embankment – Mid Winter Krampus feat. Caradine Choke, Anti-Stasi, Cock Slaughter, Funeral Burner, and Bloody Hell. $10 on the door.

    Saturday July 16th @ Valhalla (WGTN) - Defeated Sanity (Germany) Tickets $55 from UTR

    Sunday June 17th @Whammy (AKL) – Defeated Sanity (Germany) Tickets $55 from UTR

    Friday July 22nd @ 12 Bar – Organectomy 'Nail Below Nail' album release, with support from Utlize the Remain and more TBC. Tickets $25 from Cosmic Ticketing.

    Saturday August 6th @ Darkroom – The Bleeders with Nervous Jerk. Tickets $30 from UTR

    Saturday Setember 17th @ 12 Bar – Sasquatch (USA) with Pieces of Molly. Early Bird Tickets $25 from UTR

    Sat 22nd Oct @ The Good Home (Ferrymead, Christchurch) Blindspott “Volumes Tour” with Written by Wolves.

    Wednesday November 23rd @ 12 Bar – Skeletal Remains (USA) Tickets $35 at UTR

    TBA @ The Crown [Dunedin] - Southern Send II feat. Organectomy, Ayamvoid, Utilize the Remains, Vile Disembowelment & Distance. R18 GA $15

    Wednesday February 22 – The Exploited (Details TBC)

    *Contact CACOPHONY*

    eMail requests2022(at)

    sMail CACOPHONY, POBox33044, Barrington, Christchurch 8244, New Zealand.

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