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Abhordium - Omega Prayer (October 2017)

Discussion in 'Metal News' started by blastmaster1, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. blastmaster1

    blastmaster1 New Metal Member

    Sep 26, 2017
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    Abhordium is a Blackened Death Metal band from Salo, Finland. It was formed in 2005 and the style has been chaotic and brutal from the beginning.

    Omega Prayer is the second full-length album by them. On this album the band delivers more straight-forward approach, also adding even darker and sinister melodies of black metal than their previous music, still retaining the brutality and technicality of death metal.

    New album Omega Prayer will be released October 27th and you can get your copy HERE.

    And here's a lyric video for the song Dreary Touch Of The Void:

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