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Aborym - Apocalyptic Generation

Discussion in 'Metal Interviews' started by Nate The Great, Apr 9, 2006.

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    May 10, 2002
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    [imgleft][/imgleft]By Nathan Pearce

    A few years ago Aborym exploded onto the metal scene with the now classic Fire Walk With Us. Fast forward to 2006 and Aborym has just released arguably the best album of their career, as well as a definite contender for album of the year. Malfeitor Fabban took some time to explain to me why humanity is going to hell, and Aborym is leading the way.


    First off, I thought Generator was awesome, apparently so does everybody else. I've seen nothing but good reviews; how are you feeling about the album?

    Malfeitor Fabban: It seems we realized the best Aborym album after a 12 year career, and I’m personally extremely satisfied both by the quality of the music and the new line-up. I’ve got just a couple of negative reviews (and let me add “stupid” reviews) on my desk. On the other side everybody seems to adore this new negative and fuckin’ violent newborn; especially “normal” people and listeners. It was very important for us to not change or alter the classic and massive Aborym style we fixed through our previous albums such as Fire Walk With Us or With No Human Intervention. Aborym’s style is safe; even if we changed our methods a bit during the song-writing process, and even if we introduced Bard Faust in the line up and a killer new vocalist, Prime Evil. This new constellation of musicians produced a prefect album of negative extreme black metal. We’re proud of it! It sounds like hell, and this is another private kick in God’s ass, made by Aborym. Fuck! This album is black. No way . . . I hope lots of people will enter this new album in a perfect way. Having a special trip . . . one way . . . directly to hell!


    There are two very obvious changes in the music. The drums are real and you've toned down the digital aspects. In the past, it was the extreme technology that set Aborym apart. What was the reason for these two major changes?

    MF: Ya know the “electronic” aspect on Generator is both strong and well done. The difference, if you compare this new album with our previous ones, is that the sound is better and the quality is better too. Using real drumming the sound became more organic, and its impact is massive and well structured. Everybody can recognize what I’m talking about just listening to the album through some good headphones. Bard Faust’s drumming gave our sound a new dimension, but as I told you before, I think the Aborym style is safe, and it’s more powerful if that’s possible. More negative, more mystical and black. This new album is cursed man . . . and I want everybody submitted to it, going down in hell with us.

    Were you worried at all of what the fans would think of your new direction on Generator?

    MF: People must understand we don’t play extreme music in order to get money. Of course we’re able to get some money selling our albums, but one thing is sure: we’re not able to survive playing this kind of music exclusively. This press is just in order to let people understand we really play the fuckin’ music we really like to play, and we don’t care too much about what people think about it. Fortunately we have lots of supporters and sincere fans all around this fuckin’ planet, but we prefer not to follow any trends. We create new trends and styles in extreme music. This is what we did through Fire Walk With Us; this is what we did through With No Human Intervention, and now it’s time for another album - Generator. Aborym remains an experimental band, and Generator can’t be considered a “traditional” black metal album at all. It’s extremely experimental and one step more into something I like to call “negative extreme metal”. People will easily get into this new album, as always. I’ve no doubts.


    Explain why you switched vocalists.

    MF: Simply because we can’t play with Attila Csihar anymore, due to Mayhem’s intense live activities. We need people 100% inside this band, not people who can share with us their spare time exclusively. That’s why we decided to look around for a new front-man. We choose Mr. Prime Evil from Mysticum, a band who represent a strong influence for Aborym, both for their music, lifestyle, and attitude. Prime Evil’s performance on Generator is simply perfect. Nothing more to say.


    Was it any different writing lyrics or songs with a new vocalist?

    MF: Absolutely not. Prime Evil doesn’t like to write lyrics at all. He wrote lyrics for a song, but we’re gonna use it in some future recordings. Regarding the song-writing, nothing changed, because Nysrok and I are continuing writing the music as in the past. The only difference, actually, is that we’re writing stuff thinking about the fact that we have a flesh and blood drummer now.

    In your search for new musicians, how difficult was it to find a fit for a band as original and extreme as Aborym?

    MF: Both Prime Evil and Faust were sincere fans of Aborym at first, so it was not so difficult for them to join Aborym when I asked. They are open minded people, cool guys, and talented musicians. Regarding the guitar player, a second guitar player I mean, Nysrok and I realized it’s not necessary because we can write the music without any problem. If and when we play live, we will have Cerastes of Mysticum on stage as rhythm guitar player.


    Do you feel you've found a strong, consistent lineup with the new band members?

    MF: I can answer this question simply saying this is the first time I can feel a fucking cool feeling in playing with other musicians. It’s not easy to work with me and understand me, this is a fault of mine, but I can’t change my personality. But this time the mood is great; we all feel cool vibes playing together in Aborym. We all have strong motivations, and we just started making stuff together. This is just the beginning man.

    Now that Aborym is much more of a "live" sounding band, will you tour more?

    MF: No. Due to our private problems regarding jobs and private lives, we will never be a band for a 25-30 gigs tour. Aborym remains a studio band. We’ll try to play a few shows, but we’ll organize the gigs our selves, of course.

    Explain the lyrical direction of Generator. I wasn't provided any lyrics with the promo CD I received.

    MF: It’s a pity man! Ya should read’em all, because I think they’re really interesting. They are all based on a container-concept, “Omnia Est Malis Est”. This is Latin and it means “everything that exists is evil”. It is based on real things that are affecting humanity and the planet. Men against men, chaos everywhere, lack of intelligence in men. Negativity and evil are controlling the planet. All things everybody can realize simply reading newspapers or watching the TV. This is not fiction, but a concept based on the true shit we’re living in, and everything will end very soon. The Armageddon is coming, and humanity is helping this catastrophic shit due to his sickness and stupidity. Satan is the ruler of the planet. Evil is everywhere. We’re just watching this slow end, and all the lyrics on Generator are about this pessimistic and negative point of view. A realistic point of view Christians are trying to deny with their fuckin’ stupid and boring utopian ideas. Reality is another thing: the reality is that we’re all in this shit, and the planet is near a fucking big implosion. No way. Death is the horrible end of everything. Death is coming.

    Any other comments for the UM readers?

    MF: Total death and no fuckin mercy! Thanks a lot for this interview Nathan.

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