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Afgrund - Vid Helvetets Grindar

Discussion in 'Metal Reviews' started by circus_brimstone, Jun 6, 2009.

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    Afgrund – Vid Helvetets Grindar
    Willowtip Records – WT-071 – 19 May 2009
    By Jason Jordan


    The aspect of Sweden’s Afgrund I like the most is their ability to lay down an infectious hook, forcing one to either nod or bang their head in agreement. Sure, the thick, meaty sound of Vid Helvetets Grindar (or, At the Gates of Hell) is great, as is the musicianship, but give me a groove like the one from 0:40-1:03 in ‘No One Gives a Fuck Anymore’ and I’m good. This, their sophomore album, also proves that they excel at time changes, and there’s plenty of variation to cement this notion, which keeps the listening experience interesting. As they say, that’s half the proverbial battle.

    Adhering to the grind M.O., the trio delivers fifteen songs in approximately twenty-seven minutes, so you’ll need to play Vid Helvetets Grindar repeatedly to give it a fair shake. Hints of death metal appear here and there in the mid-paced, chunky riffs, but Afgrund usually favor the grind side of things. In addition to the second track, other notables include ‘The Empire’, the diverse ‘The Great Cover-Up Apocalypse’, ‘Kärnvapenbestyckad’, and the double-bass-riddled ‘Death Lovers’. VHG is a recent favorite of mine in the grind category, and you grind hounds among us would do well to check this out posthaste.

    Official Afgrund MySpace
    Official Willowtip Records Website

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