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"Al Final de esta Carretera”(At the end of this road) (Videoclip-Horror Short Film)"_Nacho Espejo

Discussion in 'Metal News' started by Onikirimaru004, Jan 22, 2017.

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    Mar 31, 2012
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    "Al Final de esta Carretera”(At the end of this road) (Official Videoclip-Horror Short Film)"_Nacho Espejo:

    After 2 years in silence, Nacho Espejo and his Audiovisual team, show us his fifth video. And this time in full HD.
    Videoclip from his last Theme uploaded to youtube. I'm talking about "Al Final de esta Carretera”(The End of the Road).
    This is a Symphonic Power Metal Theme, with many rhythmic changes, abounding calm and cane.
    It belongs to his New Album: “El Oscuro Sendero”(The Dark Path) (2012-2015).

    It talks about one horror story, in which some guys who try to do a travel, to enjoy of nature, they stumbled with his worst nightmare, unable to react.
    No doubt, they would wish haven’t left for one so bloody adventure.

    In this Theme, Nacho has composed the vocal melody and some of the instrumental melodies of the Arrangements of String and Flute. And Marcelo has achieved to mix Strength and Calm in the Instrumental and Music Arrangements, keeping a sinister environment, during the whole song.

    The video is available on youtube.
    If you liked, push Like on youtube, comment and share.
    If you want you can follow him in his Official Pages and his Official Youtube Channel.

    Thank you at all & Regards ;)
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