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Amon Amarth & cameras

Discussion in 'Amon Amarth' started by mike_shodan, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. mike_shodan

    mike_shodan New Metal Member

    Apr 29, 2016
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    Attended the Burlington show the other night. AA were up to their usual standards. Traveled a long long way to get there, did the meet & greet and the whole 9 yards. Just as I was about to settle in to watch the first set, a member of the staff informed me that I wouldn't be allowed to take pictures with my small (accentuate SMALL) camera. Essentially no different than a freaking iPhone in terms of picture taking ability, it definitely is NOT a professional camera by any stretch.

    I asked him to double check, as this was the first time I've ever heard such freaking nonsense. No - they told me that this was at the band's request. So folks could click happily away with their iPhones, but my camera had to stay in my pocket. Make sense ? What the ........... ?

    It has always been standard practice that small cameras are ok, and I snap a lot because 95% turn out to be crap due to all the jostling. So I guess my BIG concern here is......... did the band mis-communicate to the venue staff, or are the venue staff clueless, or has Amon Amarth turned into Elvis Costello x 5 ?

    Has anyone else had this happen to them recently, or was I just the unlucky one ? Is this the new AA policy for all shows ? Because if so - it's a total dick move and shows the utmost disrespect to the fans. I find it hard to believe that, as AA has made a name for themselves on being loyal to their fanbase.

  2. DamageInc.

    DamageInc. Annoying drum nerd

    Jul 7, 2008
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    Hannover, Germany
    I find it unlikely that it actually came from the Band. I never had any Problems, wether in the audience or in a meet % greet setting, especially when meeting the guys it was always cool to take pics. I have to admit I havent done any of it for quite a while now, so I cant say for sure. If then it probably comes more from managment rather than the band. Sucks no less for you, though.

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