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Anatomy of a Rip Off: Shivarage Records

Discussion in 'Kolony Records' started by jpmuikku, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. jpmuikku

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    Mar 8, 2005
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    Csongrad, Hungary
    Originally published in Kolonized # 0, but it's worth having online too.

    Anatomy of a Rip Off: Shivarage Records

    Once a rapist, always a rapist
    is a truth that has valid point. Same can be said about swindlers who commit ripping off activities in metal scene. The latest large scale rip off is London, UK based Shivarage Music Ltd. The label is currently ”selling” reissues of Impiety and Abhorer. The problem with these reissues is that they just don’t exist. Originally these releases along ones from Order From Chaos and Liar of Golgotha were slated to be released in February 2009. But after that there have been postponements of the releases on almost monthly basis. A range of reasons has been given. The pressing factory has fucked up something or there are talks with new big distributor who want to postpone the releases in order to promote them better. The best of reasons thus far has been that there were not enough pre-orders. I paid my order in March 2009 with releases being either “available” or “being released within two weeks”. After that there were three postponements of the releases. Officially these releases have been released since July 2009. Yet nobody has received a single release from Shivarage Music Ltd. Yet their mailorder is accepting new orders all the time. Yet when you ask from them that when they ship the releases or will they refund, you don’t get any response. A case of plain bare bones rip off.

    The label of destruction, as Shivarage wants to promote them, has also issues with other labels and bands. Both Order From Chaos/Osmose Productions team and Impiety/Agonia Records team have stated that Shivarage Music Ltd has not rights for any of the Order From Chaos or Impiety titles and merchandize. When considering that the persons behind Shivarage Music Ltd are the same, who were running the legendary rip off Shivadarshana in the 90’s, that’s not a surprise. Once a rapist, always a rapist, once a rip off…

    J-P Muikkku / Lethal Conflict Distribution

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