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Ansur - Fresh Blood and Old Crazy Bands

Discussion in 'Metal Interviews' started by Nate The Great, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. Nate The Great

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    May 10, 2002
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    [imgleft][/imgleft]By Nathan Pearce

    Ansur is a new name in the world of aggressive and progressive metal, but they have all the makings of a band that could eventually leave their mark for a long time. Their mixture of modern black metal (Enslaved and Emperor) with their knowlegeable use of 70's prog is exciting, and few bands can do it this well. UM had the opportunity to talk with the band about what it's like to be young and ambitious.

    Ansur is a fairly new band, especially to the US, please describe how and why you started this band.

    Torstein: We wanted to start Ansur because we were sick of the old band we played in. Espen and I met the original bass player, Aslak, somewhere and we decided to team up for a new project. He’s gone now, and became a bartender instead – which is good, because no one could mix drinks for us before that.

    If I'm not mistaken, the band is fairly young; how have you managed to craft an album with influences from both modern metal and 70's rock and metal?

    Espen: Our ages are 19, 19, 18 and 20. Everyone has heard of Supertramp, right? We just dug up some crazy bands only old people knew about. We had a vision about the album, and we followed it through. We actually have a progressive backround, it's the stuff we grew up with. It was only natural to put that into our previous metal sound.

    Your songs all seem well crafted and progressive, yet you retain an aggressive edge. What kind of fans seem to be the most into your sound?

    Glenn: Metal heads in general, old and young, and of course, our parents.


    Being from Norway you've probably had the opportunity to spread your music throughout that area of Europe. How is the rest of Europe reacting to your music?

    Espen: Album reviews show that you either really like it or you don’t. But the reviews in general have been great. Surprisingly, few thrash-people hate us!

    Is the US catching on at all? It seems your album, 'Axiom', is a bit difficult to find over here.

    Torstein: Candlelight USA didn’t want to release the album properly, because they didn’t want to risk losing money on us. I’ve been told that the promos were sent out in the US some time ago, but I haven’t seen any reviews yet.
    We hope to catch on there, and hopefully play in the US after our next album!

    What's the theme behind your songs? I sense that the music comes first, but most progressive bands don't put any less effort into lyrics and album themes.

    Torstein: The album has a sort of science-fiction theme. Not your standard power metal cartoon thing, he-he. This whole story is set in a post-apocalyptic world. The music comes first; it always does. But for the album to be complete, the lyrics must match the quality of the music.

    As a musician and a fan of music, do you affiliate with any scene in Norway?

    Torstein: Not personally for me, but the band has of course played with black metal bands who are part of the “Norwegian scene”. We don’t care that much though, and we could never restrain ourselves to simple black metal. That makes it difficult for us being a part of a “scene”.


    What are your future plans for 'Axiom' and for the band?

    Glenn: Well, we’re playing a lot of gigs at the moment, and we’ll continue doing that. We're also recording new material for the upcoming album. And of course, total world dominance and monopoly on the music industry, heh-heh.

    So what's the next album going to be like?

    Torstein: We have plenty of new material, and we’re currently arranging and pre-producing seven songs for the new album. The album is a lot more old-style progressive, intriguing, innovative and original. Extreme and dramatic progressive metal!

    Glenn: This upcoming album has a very special sound. I think you have to listen to it a few times before anyone can judge it. It will be awesome, with killer riffs and some new sound effects.

    Is there anything else you'd like to add for the readers at Ultimate Metal?

    Stian: Hello. I just wanted to say something in this interview.
    Glenn: Cheers. Øl og børst, gjør meg tørst.

    Official Ansur Website
    Official Candlelight Records USA Website
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    The Red Tower
    good stuff, Nate! Ever since I saw that thread you posted in RC about Ansur, they've received a good deal of play time on my mp3 player. great band. I didn't know they were so young! can't wait for the follow up to Axiom

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