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Asis Extreme metal for sale/mail order

Discussion in 'Trade / For Sale' started by mourning sound, Jul 31, 2004.

  1. mourning sound

    mourning sound New Metal Member

    Jun 24, 2004
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    Lamentation - Secret Verse Ep [USD$8]

    The first true Gothic metal band to come out from Taiwan. After spending one full year working on this debut Ep, Lamentation take the taiwan media by surprise after they released it.Instead of following the footsteps of other metal bands in taiwan.Instead of making a heavier and more aggressive sound they painted a dark and haunting soundscape for their listner to immerse themself in.


    RitualDay and Frostmoon Eclipse Split CD [USD$8]

    The long awaited spilt CD from the finest black/death metal band in China, Ritual Day and Italian Melodic Death metal, Frostmoon Eclispse is officially out. This split cd, consist of 8 songs, 4songs from each band.

    Bloodstained Anthelion EP-[USD$10]

    A new black metal band from the country that brings us Chthonic and Seraphim. The next extreme metal act that is ready to put Taiwan on the map of Extreme metal.
    Anthelion, Blookstained Anthelion is the band first EP [under TRA music].

    Other releases/Full CD list
    Anthelion [Taiwan]-Bloodstained Anthelion EP [USD$10]
    Blackwine* [HongKong] - Album -[USD$12]
    Lamentation [Taiwan]- Secret verse EP [USD$8]
    RitualDay/Frostmoon Eclispse[China/Italy] -Split CD [USD$8]

    [All songs are in mandarin except* in Cantonese]

    To order pls email:
    For more information please visit:

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