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AUTUMN SILENCE - Echoes In The Garden (New Jersey Prog/Power Metal)

Discussion in 'Divebomb Records' started by TribunalRecords, Mar 13, 2017.

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    AUTUMN SILENCE originally formed in 1987, when a group of high school friends banded together under the name Prophecy. As a stable lineup settled into place, the quartet eventually changed names to Midnight Divine, and—with the addition of vocalist John Leese—recorded two previously unreleased tracks of searing progressive metal influenced by their growing interest in bands such as Crimson Glory, Fates Warning, and Vicious Rumors; as well as classical, jazz fusion, and prog rock.

    This hard-hitting style carried over into the early-'90s, as the group had rebranded itself AUTUMN SILENCE and released the three-song Winter's Calling EP in 1991—their first outing with former Without Warning vocalist Mike Gorham in tow. Encouraged by interest from Shrapnel Records honcho Mike Varney, AUTUMN SILENCE branched out even further on their final EP—1994's Echoes In The Garden—pushing themselves towards a loftier, more keyboard-centric direction that explored their love of progressive rock outfits like Yes, King Crimson, and—most importantly—Genesis.

    The band continued working on new material into the mid-'90s, but—ultimately unable to secure a record deal—gradually succumbed to the pressures of time and dissipated before the end of 1996. The music lives on, however, so now—more than 20 years later—Divebomb Records is excited to present Echoes In The Garden: the complete, 11-song discography collection of AUTUMN SILENCE; fully remastered by Jamie King at The Basement Recording; and including an in-depth, retrospective interview with the band. For the fans, by the fans!

    Heir Apparent, Yes, Fates Warning, Crimson Glory & Genesis

    Limited edition CD – only 500 units pressed worldwide – Cover art by Steven Cobb – digitally remastered – band supplied photos – full color 20 page booklet with new band interview and full lyrics

    Winter’s Calling Demo – 1991
    1. Winter’s Calling
    2. Pain Fills My Eyes
    3. Dreaming

    T.M.P. Sessions
    4. Ludicrous Speed

    Echoes In The Garden Demo – 1994
    5. So This Is Home
    6. Le Penseur
    7. Echoes In The Garden

    Midnight Divine Sessions – 1989-1990
    8. Mirror Of Prodigy
    9. Doubtful Expectations

    Live Rehearsal Demos – 1991
    10. Autumn Silence
    11. A Prayer For The Dying

    Bonus Track
    12. Echoes In The Garden (Modifica)



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