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Autumns Eyes - Broken Leaves and Haunted Streets

Discussion in 'Metal Reviews' started by PhlegethonVeins, Aug 8, 2013.

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    Autumns Eyes - Broken Leaves and Haunted Streets
    Independent Release - August 2013
    By Jason Wick


    Those familiar with Autumns Eyes are well acquainted with the fact that sole member Dan Mitchell wears his passion for the season surrounding All Hallows Eve on his sleeve…eh, band title. With his new EP entitled Broken Leaves and Haunted Streets, there is no exception to this as the essence of fall emanates through the atmosphere on this instrumental EP. Dan has put out another release for the season of death, haunting and change.

    Broken Leaves and Haunted Streets wears another asset on its sleeves though, along with the acts penchant for complimenting autumn. Seeing as it is (from my understanding) a re-working of a lot of material Dan wrote early on in his career, it also blatantly telegraphs much of the bands influence. From ‘epic’ moments nodding towards classic heavy metal; atmospheric layers screaming early symphonic metal and passages / song structures that scream 90s-early 2000’s prog rock. In other words, while listening to this EP you will hear moments reminiscent of numerous other bands running the gambit from Dream Theater, early Dimmu Borgir, and even a hearty dose of Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

    This EP functions quite well as an instrumental piece. Embracing atmosphere and new ideas around every passage over catchy song layouts it manages to be both relaxing and engaging. The opening track (Branches Across the Blinds) effectively encompasses all of the ideals that are shown on this EP in a single track. Never resting on its laurels, the material continues to progress into new terrain within each sequence of the song, all the while feeling organic in the process.

    This new entry in the Autumns Eyes discography may not entail Dan’s best work, but serves well as a nod to what Dan does instrumentally on his work, and where he would go from his early writings. With superb production backing the piece up I would have a hard time not recommending this EP to anyone looking for some atmospheric music to relax to while thumbing through an engaging read under an autumn tree. Now, please excuse me as I go outside in hopes of persuading Mother Nature into jumping forward a month here.

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