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Battleaxe - "Heavy Metal Sanctuary"

Discussion in 'Old School Metal Discussion' started by Wyvern, Aug 11, 2014.

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    Nov 24, 2002
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    One of the lesser known bands from the NWOBHM just released a comeback album on SPV records titled "Heavy Metal Sanctuary" (currently #3 in my Top Ten of the year). And also to celebrate this new CD the label also re-released their debut "Burn This Town" with some bonus tracks.

    I knew the band since I has as MP3s their second album "Power From The Universe" (sadly not released as CD yet), but nothing prepared me to both records HMS and BTT are nothing but pure uncompromised in-your-face metal, the way we like it on the old school :saint:

    Nowadays the band is composed of Brian Smith (bass), Paul Atkinson (drums , ex-Skyclad), Mick Percy (guitars), Dave King (vocals). Only Smith and King remain from the original line-up, and even with those many years in between the voice of Dave still delivers great.

    Highly recommended for fans of good traditional 80's metal.

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