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Best gaming headsets ?

Discussion in 'Bar' started by LeSedna, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. LeSedna

    LeSedna Mat or Mateo

    Jan 20, 2008
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    Montpellier, France
    Hello !

    I figured it wouldn't be appropriate to take a slot in the backline section as this is not technically production related, and the bar forum seems a little slow these days !

    So basically, looking for a good quality headset, that would be :
    - at least decent sonic wise
    - with a mike (for skypeing with friends while playing) good to very good, like I can't stand those headsets which make you sound like you have a highpass at 1000 hz
    - 5 or supposedly 7 channels and bluetooth appreciated as an option but not a deal breaker if it's a simple stereo. Appreciated because I occasionnally play FPS. I have never tried one of those "surround" headsets but if they improve my immersion in a fallout, skyrim, or FPS game, I'm really interested.
    - Playstation 4 compatible very appreciated (I believe anything bluetooth or normal jack should do ?)

    No price tag, I'm up for 300 if it means it's fantastic and will last years like my senn 650s which are beat up to death and still work absolutely fine and feel like a cloud to my ears. However I am not sure wether the recording quality is good or not.

    I've heard of the HyperX Cloud II and it's cheap, at least I wouldn't risk much and can't be disappointed. I've discovered the Sennheiser gaming series which look a bit big and ugly but if they provide me with the same comfort as the 650s i own and a decent sound i would be interested as well !

    As for other brands, I don't know who to trust, I've seen some of those ugly massive bluetooth headset with lots of options be praised but then someone comments "it takes me 15mn to connect to my PC every day".

    Ultimately i would be willing to spend a lot more on a professional casting headset if it means it's gonna stay forever like my mixing headset, obviously one of these but i have zero experience with it. I simply see it on every TV and pro gaming caster and the sound it records is pretty good so if it's good for daily use in professional casting it's probably good for my almost daily gaming.

    Any recommendations ? :)

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