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Bilocate sign with Kolony Records

Discussion in 'Kolony Records' started by jpmuikku, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. jpmuikku

    jpmuikku Member

    Mar 8, 2005
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    Csongrad, Hungary
    Bilocate sign with Kolony Records

    Jordanian doomy dark oriental metal band Bilocate has signed with Italian
    Kolony Records
    . The first step of the co-operation will be to reissue
    bands second album, Sudden Death Syndrome, which was originally released
    on Daxar Music in 2008. The reissue is planned for mid-July release and
    the album will be avaiable from the band while touring Europe in July.

    Bilocate has already confirmed appearances in Slovenian Metalcamp,
    Hungarian RockMaraton and Austrian Hell Over Vellach festivals.

    Sudden Death Syndrome track list

    1. "Humans & the Dark Affiliation"
    2. "Blooded Forest"
    3. "The Dead Sea"
    4. "Ebtehal"
    5. "Inoculate"
    6. "Pure Wicked Sins"
    7. "The Stone Of Hate"

    Bilocate online:

    Kolony Records online:

    Full bio

    Bilocate – Dark Oriental Metal from Jordania

    For fans of Ablaze In Hatred, Doom:VS, (later) Edge of Sanity, Mar De
    Grises, My Dying Bride, Primordial, Saturnus, Swallow The Sun.

    Band members:

    Ramzi Essayed - Vocal
    Rami Haikal - Rhythm Guitars
    Baha Farah - Lead Guitars
    Waseem Essayed - Keyboards
    Hani Al Abadi - Bass
    Ahmad Kloub – Drums


    Dysphoria (demo, 2003)
    Dysphoria (CD, self released 2005)
    Sudden Death Syndrome (CD, Daxar 2008)
    Sudden Death Syndrome (CD, Kolony Records 2010)


    Rising from the mid-country city Fuhais, BILOCATE the Dark Oriental
    metal band has founded a realm of success, the story of which begins
    somewhere in the second half of 2003 when the 2 brothers Ramzi and
    Waseem EsSayed along with their lifetime friend Hani Al-Abadi met
    Baha' Farah after so many trials to find a guitarist that can pursue
    the same commitment as they did.

    Together, the four friends built the first brick of BILOCATE,
    practicing and composing. However, after a year from that brick,
    another guitarist joined the crew, Rami Haikal, who could blend in so
    perfectly as he joined in at a composing time, and then it took them
    another year till they released their first album Dysphoria in 2005
    having Ramzi performing vocals and writing lyrics, Hani playing the
    bass guitars, Baha' and Rami for guitars and Waseem handling keyboards
    and drums, also participating in writing few lyrics, like the labeled
    as "Longest song ever created by an Arab metal band" (a Desire to
    Leave) and been called as "The Opera of Doom Metal".

    The release of Dysphoria was celebrated on the local governmental
    radio station Jordan FM in a show that lasted for around 4 hours
    hosted by Dj Mike and BILOCATE members.

    As Dysphoria was released in almost the end of 2005, BILOCATE members
    started to promote their music, through the internet and any other
    channel they could get a hold of as they released their first music
    video for their now called hit track 2nd War in Heaven on which they
    worked with Rakan Al- Khaldi (Immortal Video Productions) following it
    by a decent number of local concerts and headlining the Egypt metal
    festival with the support from their good friend Ibrahim Al- Qaisi on
    drums who actually performed his last days with the band by joining
    them in the making of their second music video for the track Days of
    Joy which the band worked on with George Durzi (Jacknife Productions).

    At that time it was late 2006 when the guys met Ahmad Kloub, who could
    fit perfectly with the band as a drummer after he got introduced to
    the BILOCATE spirit and the 6 members started their new journey for a
    new album.

    Sudden Death Syndrome, the title of BILOCATE's 2nd record, as the list
    includes 7 songs demonstrating the total flexibility and richness of
    musical ideas in addition to the magnificent and magical work provided
    by key people in the industry, names such as Jens Bogren the Swedish
    producer/sound engineer as he handled a cooperative production work
    with BILOCATE, also performing the excellence of sound engineering and
    mastering techniques, resulting in an absolutely outstanding finishing
    for the album.

    Also not forgetting the support the band has received during the
    recording process from the English sound engineer Nash Planojevic as
    for providing his facilities in Dubai and not to mention his
    experience, enabling Ramzi to give the desirable quality in recording
    vocals, and the Jordanian sound technician Mohannad Bursheh as for
    providing his facilities and experience, forming a comfortable
    atmosphere for Hani to record bass guitars.

    Other names on the list to salute for their work, Christophe Szpajdel,
    the English artist, titled as "The Lord of Logos" as he offered the
    band a new logo that couldn’t be more perfectly magnifying to the
    image of the band at their new era, adding to that, Dennis Sibeijn
    from Netherlands, finalizing all what is said above with his stunning
    artwork that emphasizes the band's mentality and specifically speaking
    the subject album's concepts and meanings making the record ready for

    Coming to the step which will compensate the members of BILOCATE for
    their none-vanishing commitment and hard work, Daxar Multimedia, the
    record label that the band has recently signed a contract with for
    distributing their album in the Middle East and GCC region, covering
    an area of 6 countries in which basically the band's new record has
    been made available by the end of May 2008.

    As “Sudden Death Syndrome” got released it received so much attention
    by local, regional, and foreign magazines and websites like
    Terrorizer, Close Up Magazine, Decibel, MetalReviews E-Zine, OC
    Magazine, Jorzine E-Zine, JO Magazine, even the Dutch TV channel NOS,
    namely BILOCATE entered the international scene as a result of their
    new record.

    Always prepare yourself for BILOCATE’s creations, as the stream shall
    never dry away.
  2. lorenzo_kolony

    Mar 9, 2010
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    Brescia, Italy
    Album cover by Dennis Sibeijn (DRACONIAN, CHIMAIRA, ABORTED):

  3. jpmuikku

    jpmuikku Member

    Mar 8, 2005
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    Csongrad, Hungary

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