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Black metalish mix (8505/TSE/SVX/SD2) - looking for advices

Discussion in 'Practice Room' started by NicholasDWolfwood, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. NicholasDWolfwood

    Dec 28, 2005
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    Hey guys,

    I'm working on a mix right now of my band's new song, "Mind Disfigured."

    Right now I'm trying to smooth out a lot of different things that I feel are wrong with the mix or with the performances.

    Rhythm guitars were quad tracked, all with an ESP/LTD EC-50 with an 85/81 combo. Lead guitars were single tracked with the same guitar.

    Rhythms 100L/R are: EC-50 85/81 -> Profire 610 instrument in -> CurveEQ (JeffTD's ROS DI) -> SoloC -> 8505 -> kefir (PS_Impulse.wav) -> EQ (HP/LP) -> ReaFir (to get some of that boominess out of the chugging of the chords) -> EQ (specific cuts and boosts in the mids)
    Bus has Redline (American Vintage) on it.

    Rhythms 80L/R are the same chain, except only the 85 and TSS -> TSE at -3.5dB. Bus has Redline (American Modern) on it.

    Leads are a similar chain as the inner pair of rhythms, except with a bunch of effects (chorus/delay/etc).

    Drums are SD2/TMF with a lot of OTB processing on the multiouts. Lots of EQ, clipping, etc.

    Bass is: SX SJB62-5 fretless, tuned to E (EMG J-X set) -> Firebox instrument in -> 5 different tracks.
    1) LP@200, comp'd to fuckery, limited
    2) HP@200/LP@2000, comp'd to fuckery, limited
    3) LP@800, TSS, SVX, Eden 4x10 impulse
    4) HP@800, TSS, SVX, Eden 4x10 impulse
    5) HP@200/LP@8000, TSS, Legion, Ampeg 8x10 impulse
    Bus has RBass, comp'd to fuckery, Redline (American Tube Preamp), and some EQ to boost into the spots where I cut the rhythm gtrs.

    I know I need to work on the vocals and the drum programming. But as far as general tones go and performances (whether parts need to be retracked, or edited), how does it sound? The kick is my biggest problem right now, it's getting buried during the blasts imo but I don't want to automate it TOO high so it's overbearing.

    I've tested this mix out on my cans, my computer speakers, and my ipod earbuds. I need to reference it in my car but everything is sounding pretty good to me on the other three systems I've tried so far.
  2. Robert W

    Robert W Member

    May 13, 2009
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    Vocals seem too loud in the mix, as do the cymbals.

    The rhythm guitar seems lost in the mix too.

    Of course, if you wanted to be really tr00 and kvlt, you'd crank the reverb on the vocals.

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