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BLIND COLONY studio update and more

Discussion in 'Morrigan's Pit' started by Gaunerin, Sep 9, 2006.

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    ensamhetens vildmark
    Swedish melodic death metal band Blinded Colony are currently putting the
    finishing touches on their upcoming album, "Bedtime Prayers" which is to be
    released November 10 in Europe and November 14 Worldwide. Vocalist Johan
    Schuter writes from SoundPalace Studios:

    "Hey! This is Johan Schuster writing from the house next to the studio.
    Finally my throat feels a lot better, and any day now I will do the last
    scream of the record. I had a 7 days break from recording since my voice
    got really hoarse, and that really paid off well. Got really scared when I
    heard of a friend that had the same symptoms and had to use surgery to have
    a cyst removed from his vocal chords. In worst case, if I had continued
    screaming, I might have had to rest my voice for months, which means no
    gigs. So better safe than sorry.

    "Now all the songs have come together and sound really, really good. I
    can't fucking wait to let all you people listen to it. The response you
    guys gave us when we had the pre-production of "Heart" online for 36 hours
    was incredible! If you liked that, then the rest of the songs won't
    dissapoint you! For those of you who didn't like "Heart" we got some really
    heavy tunes on the album too. We're not that cheesy all the time hahaha!
    For all of you who lives in Germany, our neighbours with sooo cheap beer,
    we've got gigs confirmed in December with Ektomorf. That will really kick
    some major ass!

    "In November your ears will bleed but your mouth will smile! Don't miss our
    album, Bedtime Prayers!"

    The full studio report can be found on the bands Official Myspace Page
    ( or on the bands Official Website

    Blinded Colony will take part in several upcoming gigs.

    October 13 Gothenburg, Sweden
    Venue: Belsepub (W/ Sonic Syndicate)
    December 14 Muenchen (Munich), Germany
    Venue: Metropolis (W/Ektomorf)
    December 15 Adelsheim, Germany
    Venue: Live Factory (W/ Ektomorf)

    Pivotal Rockordings also plans host a special listening party for the
    American fans in Chicago. More details on the listening party will be
    announced as the release date approaches.

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