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BLIND TEST: Real cab vs. Audified IR

Discussion in 'Backline' started by JarekMusil, Jul 17, 2019.


Which sample is real cabinet?

  1. A

  2. B

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  1. JarekMusil

    JarekMusil Member

    Apr 20, 2012
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    Czech Republic

    Hey all guitar maniax!
    Check out this blind test.
    Can you hear the difference?
    Is Audified IR technology close enough?
    Which one do you think is the IR and which one is the real cabinet?
    Gear used:
    M-Custom Guitars M-Strat guitar
    Boss SD-1
    EVH 5150 III LBX (non-stock preAmp tube types)
    Two Notes Torpedo Captor
    Marshall 4x12 cabinet with V30s and T75s

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